5 Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry

Whether you have a laid back sense of style or you prefer to dress in sophisticated pieces as often as you can, you’ll want to make sure there are a few staples in your jewelry collection that will make any outfit stand out. Some jewelry pieces are considered “standard” by many designers, meaning most women should have them in their jewelry boxes so they can wear them at any time.

Jewelry has a way of making a casual outfit more polished and adding just the right amount of opulence to formal attire. Here are five must-have jewelry pieces every woman should own.

1. A Gold Chain

Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or a cocktail dress, a gold chain can serve as the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. You can opt for a plain gold chain, a chain with a small pendant, or several chains that feature small but intricate designs for a chic, bohemian look.

2. A Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet got its name from tennis player Chris Evert, who lost her bracelet during the 1987 US Open and stopped the game to find it. This simple and elegant piece of jewelry is a great way to incorporate a little bit of sparkle into your wardrobe. The tennis bracelet works well for anything from a patterned sweatsuit, a business suit, or a formal gown. You can also find tennis bracelets with small charms that feature your initials or represent your hobbies to personalize the jewelry piece.

3. Pearl Jewelry

Whether you prefer a string of pearls that make you feel especially elegant at a brunch or tea party or you like pearl earrings that look especially flattering when you wear your hair in an up-do, it’s important to have at least one pearl jewelry piece in your wardrobe. While white pearls are a classic choice and look great with black or navy formal clothing, you can also personalize your pearl jewelry collection with chocolate or black pearls. The size of your pearls can also help you show off your sense of style. If you want your pearls to be the focal point of your outfit, large pearl earrings or a pearl necklace made of oversized pearls is ideal. For a more subdued look for work, smaller pearl earrings look great with business casual blouses and cardigans.

4. Cocktail Ring /Stacking Rings

If you’re going to an event that requires you to wear a “little black dress,” you should choose a cocktail ring that will bring the outfit together. The ring can feature elaborate stones or jewels in different colors, but it should be the focal point of your accessories. If you’re going to wear a cocktail ring, make sure the rest of your jewelry, i.e. necklaces and earrings, are a little more understated.

Stacking rings are a more modern take on the cocktail ring, and are definitely a chic jewelry piece for events that are all for dressy attire. Stacking rings can also make a casual outfit more interesting and is a great way to bring more attention to your new manicure.

5. Diamond Studs

A pair of diamond studs is arguably the most important item in a woman’s jewelry collection. Diamond studs go with any outfit in your closet and can immediately update your look, no matter how you’re wearing your hair. Small, diamond earrings can help to bring more symmetry to the face, and these jewelry pieces are appropriate no matter what setting you’re in. Whether you’re attending a wedding, cocktail party, heading to brunch with friends, or going to work, quality diamond studs will help you look and feel your best.

In addition to these classic jewelry pieces, it’s also important to have a quality watch. Due to the price of gold today, you may not wear this watch every day to keep it in great condition. However, a beautiful watch that looks great with your business suits or formal attire can definitely add more elegance to your overall look.

To keep all your jewelry pieces looking like new for years to come, only use high-quality jewelry cleaners that are designed for your jewelry. It’s also a good idea to remove your jewelry before cleaning the house or taking a shower so you won’t tarnish your favorite pieces. A beautiful jewelry box can also motivate you to keep all your accessories in a secure place until you’re ready to wear them again.