5 Muslim Women Owned Businesses You Should Support

Calling all women with a vision, women with soul, women with voice…CALLING ALL MUSLIM WOMEN! Muslim Women’s Day is in fast approach, so to support our lovely sisters, we are highlighting Muslim women who have created a niche in the business world. These women have inverted the passive narrative placed on us and have expanded our community with profound agency. The voice of a Muslim women is revolutionary. Here are 5 Muslim women owned businesses you should support:

1. Nadalina Cosmetics


Want to spice up your look? No need to search any further, Nadalina Cosmetics got you covered with their cruelty-free, vegan, and halal certified nail polish. Locked and loaded with humble nudes and ambitious pinks, nail care has never looked so good.

2. Brand Rimix


Catering to the small business owners and starting entrepreneurs, Brand Rimix aims to transform brands by providing modern design services. Following three transformative phases: The identity crisis, the wardrobe, and the social butterfly, your brand will be in peak shape when it reaches the market.

3. Vela Scarves


Celebrating the beauty of the hijab, Vela Scarves offers quality fabrics for your styling needs. With a variety of size, texture, and color, self-expression is made easy. What’s more compelling is they expanded their line to accommodate Muslim girls who wear the hijab. We love a brand who strives for inclusive representation. 

4. Ishq Luxury Co.


To all my jewelry lovers, Ishq Luxury Co. will not disappoint. From their “Sadia” huggie hoops to “Ayn” anklet, you can protect yourself from evil eye head to toe.

5. Lyra Swimwear


Who said fashion stops at the beach? Not us. Lyra Swimwear is revolutionizing modest swimwear with fine Italian fabrics that compliment your figure. There is no need for old tees and leggings when the “Sofia” exists.

Let us know what your favorite Muslim women owned businesses are, and maybe we can feature them in the future. Meanwhile, keep supporting these women by following them on social media.