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5 Muslim Fitness Queens That’ll Inspire You to Get Moving

Do you need motivation to get off your couch? Put down that piece of pie, grab your gym shoes and get moving.

Hitting the gym every day can get boring. Spice up your workout by following these Instagram fitness divas!


1. Mubarakah “Fit Muslimah” Ibrahim

You know if Oprah invites you on her show, then you must have done something right! Mubarakah is a certified personal trainer, YouTuber, and inspirer. Learn her techniques by visiting her YouTube channel. Her workouts can be done anywhere!


2. Zainab Ismail

Former celebrity trainer, Zainab Ismail’s love for fitness is what first introduced her to Islam. She was at a fitness competition when someone handed her a Quran. Learn recipes, fitness fashion tips, and workouts by following her.


3. Faatima @hijabi_gainster

If you’re all about the gains, personal trainer Faatima is your girl. Yaaas queen, I love seeing hijabis lift. It literally shows how strong we are. Faatima gives lifting motivation, meal prep advice, and inspirational quotes.


4. Fatimah @Fit_tima

Lots of smiles, sweat and tears on Fatima’s insta. She features her life, workouts, and cute humor on her page. You can find her sweating it off on the cycling bike or celebrating with Ibtihaj muhammad.


4. Elhum @eot_fit

Mothers can work out too! Elhum advised, “To all my new Mommies out there, all I recommend is don’t worry about your body to much and enjoy this precious time that can never be replaced.” She has lots of useful fitness videos — not to mention, her fashion is on point!


5. Sara Latif

Everyone needs a little zen in their lives. Put those yoga pants to use and check out badass Sara Latif. Sara shows her daily yoga poses…and wow. She’s a fitness instructor that shares her knowledge. She reflects on her yoga poses and her day. Nothing more cool than a hijabi doing yoga.

Which Muslim fitness queens inspire you? Find the right mentor and get your sweat going. Commit time to being active, and with a little help you can go a long way.