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5 Modest Looks to Bloom Into Spring This Season

During that time of year when the flowers are in bloom and the trees begin to resuscitate back into their fullest selves, my mind always lingers to that scene from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ where Meryl Streep’s character iconically says, “Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

Since Spring is a transitional season, one of change, that line from the movie makes me think about the general idea of blooming. As a modest dresser, I tend to find comfort in layering, and Winter is easy for that type of fashion. But when it comes to Spring, I am faced with putting away the puffer jackets and long-line coats, and bringing out the dresses and flow-y tops. It can be tough to ditch the layering, but it is possible to still be covered up and feel lightweight as the temperature starts to rise again.

Here are five modest looks to adorn this Spring!

1. Blooming Boldly

Spring is all about the return of color in nature. Make your outfit bloom with a bold color. Mixing and matching different patterns and colors makes this feel new and fresh. Experiment with color-blocking and different textures, but most importantly, have fun! 

2. Street-Style

For the lovers of streetwear, start with an oversized graphic t-shirt and layer it over a long sleeve shirt underneath – I recommend one with print to add some dimension to the look. When it comes to bottoms, try out a flared pant or a maxi skirt, as they elevate the casualness of a graphic t-shirt. Pair with platform boots like Doc Martens or a pair of Nike Low Dunks if you’re more into comfort. Don’t be afraid to play around with pastels in your color palette – they scream Spring! 

3. Casual & Comfortable

Co-ords are here to stay! A matching set like this is very modest-friendly. You can choose neutral colors to work with or go on the more colorful route. Pair with heeled sandals for a more dressy nighttime vibe or wear sneakers for a daytime look. Add in jewelry and a fun colorful bag to finish off the fit.

4. Prim & Preppy

This look calls for a classic button-down. You can go for the timeless white or rock a pastel shade for the ultimate springtime vibes. You can style it open with a bodysuit underneath or buttoned up – it’s up to you. Add a cropped vest on top if you prefer a more layered look and pair it with baggy jeans or pants.

5. Simply Sweet

The base for this look consists of a maxi dress, an essential in the wardrobe of a modest dresser, and it is a perfect way to layer to your heart’s content without feeling too bulky or warm as temperatures rise. You can layer a dress under a cropped cardigan or over a billowy long-sleeve top. Pair the outfit with your favorite white sneakers for a more casual look or dress it up with a pair of sandals. Bonus points if you add in a floral print and you’ve got the aspect of blooming down. 

Let’s see how you bloom. Share with us your renditions of these 5 Spring looks by tagging @muslimgirl on Instagram!

Maisha is a writer and educator based in New York City.