Photo provided by Ameera/Instagram @ameerahammouda_


Eid 2021 is just days away, so it’s time to bring on the Eid outfits! After over a year in quarantine, do we even remember how to dress up?! With the vaccine rollout, some of us will be able to celebrate with more than a mirror selfie this year.

Want to know how to put together a stunning Eid outfit without losing the comfort we’ve become accustomed to? We’ve got you covered with five modest fashion trends for Eid that will keep the comfort we’re not yet ready to let go of. Make sure to read until the end for our favorite fashion tip!


Use them for your hijab or wrap one around your shoulders. Silk scarves are a winner this Eid because they add instant glamour and elegance to any look and are super great for protecting your hair too! Haute Hijab has them in stunning prints!

voluminous maxi dresses

With Eid falling in the warmer months this year, and people accustomed to simplicity in dressing because of quarantine, we will be seeing a lot of maxi dresses this Eid. Try something like this color-filled dress or keep it simple and classic like in the image above by sporting a voluminous one-tone dress.


The ’90s are back for Eid, and luckily they resurrect with them a lot of modest favorites. Baggy oversized styles and summer bandanas to cover the hair are trending for Eid. You can tie your same silk scarf as a bandana or try a gauze fabric bandana for an airy look.


An oversized “dad” shirt is the key to looking effortless this Eid. COLLUSION makes a great classic oversized button-down that can be worn with just about anything. Dress it up or down depending on how you are celebrating.


Photo provided by Ameera/Instagram @ameerahammouda_

We’ve seen it all over Instagram since the start of this pandemic: matching sweatsuits in tie-dye, neon pink, and cashmere. It was a way to stay in sweats 24/7 without looking unkempt. For Eid, upgrade your matching sweatsuit for a new fabric like silk. It is lighter for the summer months and instantly chic and elongating with the same color from head to toe.

All the images for this article are from the new modest fashion line, AMEERA, which is launching this June 2021. AMEERA makes modest, stylish, and sustainable fashion with matching hijabs for all the outfits so you can look and feel your best!

Make sure to follow AMEERA on Instagram at @ameerahammouda_ for news on the collection drop. Eid Mubarak, ladies!