5 Holiday Movies Guaranteed to Get You in a Festive Mood

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The festive season is nigh, and that means rushing to get your holiday shopping done, brainstorming for decorating ideas and getting into the festive mood. My best memories of the holiday season include Christmas parties at school, eagerly waiting for my turn on the Advent calendar, and getting the chance to play Santa by delivering Christmas cards all around school.

However, nothing is better than cuddling up on the couch on a winter’s day, watching movie after movie that celebrate the holiday season to get you in the spirit of things. Therefore, without further ado, here are my top five favorite holiday movies (although, it was quite a task narrowing it down to five, because there’s just so many)!  I promise I’ll try to keep it spoiler-free!


1) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

“The Grinch” has become a household name in its own right. Created by the ingenious Dr. Seuss, the Grinch is a character who is initially not very likable; egocentric, impertinent, obnoxious. Yet personally, I could never help but feel sympathetic towards the guy. I mean, he’s an outcast amongst his community, with only his loyal pet dog Max for company. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a story that proves that people can change. It’s a story that shows that Christmas isn’t made up of materialism, but rather what makes Christmas is love, friendship, family and joy. This movie will have you in the festive mood, and remind you what the holiday season is truly all about.


2) Elf

“Elf” is a classic Christmas movie. With a perfect concoction of humor and a dash of romance, I promise you, you will fall in love with it right away. The story of a young, human boy who grows up believing that he is an elf is one that instantly pulls at your heartstrings. I feel like “Elf” is a movie that everyone must watch at least once during the holiday season (alongside “Home Alone,” of course). This is a movie suited for the global audience and for individuals of all ages that you won’t regret watching.


3) A Christmas Carol

When I was younger, I loved “A Christmas Carol,” and I still most definitely do! There’s just something about it that fills me with this warm, blissful feeling. It’s a movie that has you in the Christmas spirit almost instantaneously, which is a bit ironic seeing as how the protagonist is not such a big fan of Christmas himself. “A Christmas Carol” makes you wish Christmas could come sooner because it just has this magical quality of getting you in that Holiday mood.


4) The Polar Express

This movie is one that initially seems to be more suited to the younger audience, and while I do partially agree with that, I think it’s one that the older audience can also enjoy. What I loved most about this movie was the fact that it was about a bunch of kids on a train to the North Pole. As a kid, nothing is cooler, and I just wished I could be on that train. “The Polar Express” brings Christmas to life, and that’s enough reason to give it a shot.


5) Home Alone

Last but most definitely not least is the one and only “Home Alone”. It is impossible to make a list of the best Holiday movies without including the timeless “Home Alone” (and if you disagree, well…). When I say that “Home Alone” was an integral part of my childhood, I assure you that I am not exaggerating. I have watched “Home Alone” so many times that I cannot even recall when I watched it for the first time. The story of the young boy who is accidentally left home alone – and then consequently, accidentally abandoned in the Big Apple – is one that is universal. I think what makes it such a lovable movie is the fact that it’s a family movie, showcasing a realistic family unit that is sometimes dysfunctional, as all families are occasionally. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that they all love each other immensely. “Home Alone” will have you shedding tears of laughter, appreciating your loved ones and will get you more than ready for the holidays.


And there you have it! My top five holiday movies to get you in the festive mood in no time! By the time you’re through with these, you’ll be ready for all types of jolly festivities!