5 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts for $50 & Under

No matter what we do or do not celebrate, Christmas is a holiday most of us like to participate in. We are surrounded by the Christmas spirit as soon as we put away our Thanksgiving leftovers.
But if you’re like me, you’ve still managed to forget about a gift exchange you signed up for at work, school or with a group of girlfriends. Just because you’re late on shopping doesn’t mean that you need to show up with a lame gift and crush the Christmas spirit.
Let’s face it — it’s not just the thought that counts. Here are 5 fashionable gifts to give for $50 and under for the women in your life.

1. For the Statement Maker

I’ve recently stumbled upon QUAY sunglasses and I. am. obsessed.
Each pair retails for $50, so you can comfortably participate in trends without sacrificing quality and dropping $500 on name brand styles. This pair is sold at Urban Outfitters, but you can also find them on their home site, at nordstrom or modcloth.

2. For the Lipstick Lover

Bite lipsticks typically run for $24 per color, but this package deal sells four smaller size lipsticks for $29 total.
They’re not just any lip shade either, they are the lipstick shades you need at all times — the best basics for any girl. This kit includes nude, rose, red and an eggplant color.

3. For the Jewelry Collector

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.43.55 PM
A classic pair of hoops can go a long way. They’re simple, elegant and can top off any outfit. No one has to know that this Swarovski pair only retails for $49.

4. For the Sporty Girl


Forever 21’s best kept secret? They’re the super affordable, super trendy active wear collection.
For $50 and under, you can get that someone special the entire outfit without skimping out of style.

5. For the Chef

You may not be able to help the chef in your life in the kitchen, but you can definitely help them look stylish for the next dinner party they host.
The silhouette of this apron covers most of the body to avoid tainting the “main course” of your look, but is still cute enough to keep on in front of guests if things are still cooking in the kitchen.
This piece retails at Anthropologie for $32.

Image: Torange