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4 Ways To Use Fashion To Express Yourself

Fashion is an excellent way to express your sense of style, a distinct perspective, and more. Whether you’re walking into a boardroom, out with friends, or to a casual event, what you wear plays a huge part in the way people first perceive you. While you can’t control what others think, fashion is a great way to express what you think and feel at any given moment. In order to adequately use it as an accurate form of expression, consider the following components when you’re building your wardrobe.

Color Choices

Colors ignite different feelings and emotions. If you’d like for your color palette to be bright and cheerful, choose colors like yellow, pink, and red. If you’d like to invoke a moody wardrobe, darker colors can work well. A great way to be financially conscious when you purchase pieces is to start with a neutral wardrobe. Buy staple pieces in classic colors like white, black and navy blue. Colors like cream, taupe, and gold are easy to include in a neutral wardrobe. Then, if you want to infuse neon colors, dark colors, or a mixture of everything, you can add it through your accessories or trendy pieces.


Your accessories matter as they can provide depth, interest, and unique flair. A pair of acrylic rings on one hand might showcase your love of fashion from a particular era. Wearing Path of Life jewelry can help you display your personality and love of meaningful pieces. As people ask you about a beautiful piece of jewelry you’re wearing, it can also serve as an opportunity for you to vocalize your thoughts and perspectives on a particular experience you’ve had within your life’s journey. Just like it’s fun to have conversation pieces within your home, you can wear accessories that serve as conversation pieces on your body. As a result, you’ll be able to adequately express yourself in a unique way.

custom Tailoring

When the clothing first comes from the large manufacturer, they’re not thinking about your specific measurements, your long torso, or your long legs. They’re preparing a standard garment that can fit a large number of individuals. It’s up to you to take the piece and tailor it to your liking. One of the best ways to do this involves hiring a tailor or a seamstress.

This process can actually become fun when you’re deconstructing clothing in order to create a new garment. Visit a local thrift store, and pick up the pieces that you fall in love with. Even if they’re not your particular size, partner with a tailor in order to develop a new garment that works for your style. When you engage in this process often, you’ll build a unique, fun wardrobe that adequately expresses your style without looking like anyone else in the world.

Even if you don’t want to deconstruct old pieces, take your standard pair of jeans, a skirt, or a jacket to the tailor. Get it tailored to fit your body. This will elevate the look of the garment, and it’ll look as though it was made for your body.


Create vision boards in order to help you look at what you gravitate towards. When you’re able to get a physical vision in front of your eyes, it’s much easier to create an understanding of your taste, what you want to look like, and the pieces you need to collect. Start by cutting out pictures from a few fashion magazines. Pay attention to the pictures you’re attracted to the most. You might discover that you’re really into pieces from a certain era. Even though Y2K fashion is currently in, you might find that you resonate more with the clothing from the 70s. It’s okay to modernize pieces like bell bottoms, platform heels, and chunky jewelry in sleek, chic ways. You don’t need to focus on always looking like the crowd with every fashion choice.

Fashion is a lot like art because they’re both forms of expression. The cool part about fashion is that it’s like wearable art. You serve as the canvas, and your accessories and garments serve as the strokes of paint that create the masterpiece. As you work on using fashion as a tool of expression, always remember to have fun with the process. Before long, putting together an outfit will feel like an inspiring, fun experience because you’re turning yourself into a walking piece of art.