4 Ways To Destress

With university and schools starting session again — and oh yeah, COVID is still a thing, and the U.S. is basically a dumpster fire right now — here are a few ways to help you manage your stress.

Practice mindfulness

Do you feel overwhelmed with assignments, errands and that never ending to-do list? Try taking a few slow deep breaths, and focus on the motion of the air as it travels through your body. Tune out all extra distractions, and find a steady rhythm.

Listen to a podcast

If you feel overworked, take a time out and listen to a podcast, or some calming ambient noise to help your brain relax.

Take a break

When you feel like you’ve been working for hours, take a break! A short walk around the block, or quick five minute rest can really help you reset and destress.

Take a walk


A walk in nature — or even around your local park — is a great way to allow your brain to decompress and relax! Take some time to get a little fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors!

What’s your favorite way to relax?

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