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4 Types of Versatile Eid Outfits for Day or Night

4 Types of Versatile Eid Outfits for Day or Night

It’s almost that time! The time for Eid a beautiful celebration that I cannot wait for every year! Amazing food, vibrant clothes, and most important spending time with our family and friends. The most exciting part growing up was the new outfit I got to wear on Eid–and it still is! It is our one of only two holidays and everyone should dress their best! I, being desi, have of course always wore my traditional clothing. But in the recent years, Pakistani fashion has somewhat merged with the global fashion. The tops that use to be up to our knees are now floor length–almost like a gown but with more handwork. In recent years, to Eid Prayer I have been wearing a maxi skirt or dress and then switching traditional at night. Hopefully I can give you inspiration in what you could wear this Eid!

1. Lightweight

This first look is a super easy look and can be pulled out from any of your closets. It is soft yet fresh at the same time. This is perfect for Eid Prayer and during the day. For the skirt, I would choose similar light colors to mint such as light pink, yellow or even orange. When paired with a nude top such as lace or even chiffon–it gives a soft, lightweight effect.

2. Minimalist

This second look is slightly more dressed up. Depending on the hijab color you choose it can be versatile for day and night. This particular combination is more ideal for the evening because of the darker colors in the clutch. For a day look, swap the taupe hijab for a brighter color such as red or orange or even swap the clutch for a more vibrant one–maybe a floral one!

3. Polished

This third look is ideal for the evening. The fitted black blazer and gold belt aren’t best for Eid Prayer, mainly because it’ll be pretty hot during the day. Our Eid Prayer is usually held outside in a park, so blazer would be too constricting. I would definitely wear this to an evening ‘Eid party the night or nights to follow.

4. Traditional

Lastly, if you have traditional clothing, then go for it! Whether its shalwar kameez, kaftans, jalabiyya, or an abayah. The best part about Eid is that all Muslims come together for Eid Prayer, from all cultures and what better way to represent that diversity than our clothes.

I can’t wait to see what everyone wears on Eid. What will you be wearing?

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  • Salam Alaykhum,
    Sister in islam,

    Just to clarify with you as a muslim
    You are not permitted to take any photography of humans and as well as animals unless it is for educational purposes or legalisation .

    It is haram for anyone to take photos of themselves because you have a soul. Once you take photos you are taking pictures of a soul. The same applies for drawing ,
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    • As much as I would like to take what you are saying seriously, I cannot. You are taking this extremely out of context, how is a mere photo replicating God’s creations when the only intention is to demonstrate/teach. So you are saying 95% of Instagram users will be punished. When you are saying these things, people will call us extremists.

      Just a last FYI, how sure are you that these Hadiths are indeed authentic? Search online and offline and you will come to the conclusion that they are likely not. However, is some of are actually true then I believe you are distorting them with your interpretations.

  • @19b21e83b2f74f4a0e151f1b2b99f9d7:disqus this is actually helping us muslim girls to have an idea for what to wear on eid.

  • slaam girs you look good but plese keep your inner beauty to your self and please dont apply maker up becouse your are showing these pictures to the word just remember:)

  • Hi could you please tell me where you got the skirt and top from in the first look? Mashallah you look absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • Eid has come !! My first choice will be ethinc indian Anarkali salwar kameez in seasons color like peach or orange , Else i am making up my mind to wear pakistani dress this eid i have seen some clothing on abana creations but they are pricy and my budget dont meet them , well still i am looking for some more eid dresses on internet .

    Wish Me luck !!

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