It's definitely a sad day for New what have you guys even done?! For being the city that never sleeps, your voters sure are far from woke.

4 Important Takeaways From the First Presidential Debate

So, for those of you who made it a point to watch the debate coverage as I did, it was a scary sight.  At one point, Biden called Trump a “clown” and that was a mild version of my reaction to him.  The idea that there is no qualified adult in the house was on display, as well as the disturbing experience of watching three white men talk about race and have the conversation immediately turn to “law and order.”  There is a lot that can be said about the debate content, if you are generous enough to call it a debate.  Here’s a few major things that stood out for me.

Trump’s short-sighted focus on money makes all else irrelevant to him.

When asked about the environment, Trump talked about lowering the price of energy.  He was clear that things like fracking, and other environmentally disastrous approaches to energy made sense to them because he believed they made money.  Made money for who at whose expense is an obvious question.  Additionally as a Californian, with smoke-filled skies, the cost of the environmental disaster we are in seemed to not only be irrelevant to Trump, but our fault. He blamed Californians for “poor forest management” as the cause of the fires. There is some evidence that Trump has additionally  decided to cut funding to California because we are not part of his base and don’t support his policies.

Trump is a “lawless president” who does not represent “law and order.”

Trump was asked about law enforcement and police violence, and he began to talk about law and order.  He began attacking Biden saying that he is endorsed by law enforcement groups and Biden is not.  This is blatantly false.  There are numerous groups who have endorsed Biden as the better option for law enforcement.  Aside from the fact that Trump refused to say anything negative about white supremacy, and told the Proud Boys to “stand by,” he represents lawlessness to many law enforcement groups. 

Trump has no respect for law and order because he isn’t committed to respecting the election results.

Frighteningly, Trump was clear that he has no respect for the U.S. election process. Aside from attempting to block voting by mail — when he himself votes by mail — he made it clear he does not intend to honor the outcome of the election if he loses.

We must vote Trump out of office. We must vote for Joe Biden.

In English, many translators of the Quran translate taqwa as “duty.”

It is part of our civic duty to vote.

Well, there is a lot that can be said on taqwa, duty, and voting, no doubt, but Michelle Obama summed it up beautifully in this interview. We need to vote for Joe Biden. Everyone who can needs to follow through on their civic responsibility — our duty to our country — and vote.

Sarah is a social worker in the San Francisco Bay Area with at-risk and homeless youth. She likes to paint, drum, sing, and spend quality time with her family and God.