30% of Republicans Want to Bomb Agrabah

Public Policy Polling asked 532 Republicans some questions.
From these questions, they found that 46 percent support a national database of Muslims, 53 percent think Islam should be illegal, 28 percent think the Japanese internment camps were okay, 54 percent want Muslims banned from entering the United States and, get this, 30 percent believe we should bomb Agrabah.


Yes, Agrabah: The city of mystery and enchantment, the site where one of Disney’s greatest animated classics — and one of my favorite films — took place. The fictional site.
All of the other results were unsettling but that is to be expected. The results of the Agrabah question helped the Republicans reach a new level of absurd.

To the 57 percent who were not sure, its okay. You guys were more rational, opting to think the matter through, take a more diplomatic course. Schedule talks with the Sultan maybe? Check where Agrabah actually is?
But the 30 percent, come on. How ignorant are you all?
This poll is telling me two things about the 30 percent:

  1. You are willing to bomb any “Arab”-sounding place.
  2. You have never seen the movie Aladdin.

You guys must really dislike those “A-rabs.”
Well, you know what they say down in Agrabah: A fool off his guard could fall — and fall hard.

Image: YouTube