30 Outfits in 30 Days of Ramadan: Day 5

We’re now on Day 5! Today’s outfit features one of our favorite color schemes — pink and khaki green.

The khaki green Cali T-shirt and jacket are perfect layers for the breezy evenings we’ve been having lately. We paired these with simple chinos. For the hijab, we have one literally everyone seems to be wearing, the Stone Premium Cotton from Hijab Loft. This hijab texture is a total trend right now.

The pink comes from these slip-on sneakers. Bonus points, they look like the Steve Madden ones but for more than half the price!

Shop the look below:


1. Khaki Open Shoulder Jacket

2. Printed Jersey Top
hm top


3. Dark Chinos

hm chino

4. Pink Slip-On Sneakers

target slipons

5. Stone Premium Cotton

6. Afghanistan Map Pin



Authors Note: Today we also included a Afghanistan map pin. This morning, a bomb exploded in Kabul, in the most secure part of the city, killing 90 civilians and wounding hundreds more, parents who were on their way to work and children who were on their way to school. This has been the second attack in Afghanistan in only five days. We pray for peace and security in Afghanistan for yet another generation that has seen far too much carnage. We ask for your duas.

We also ask for your support. The inclusion of this pin is not to trivialize the horrific occurrence, nor to make it a fashion statement. It is to signify support and to say that we are aware of and care for what happened today. The spirit of the people of Afghanistan will never be defeated.

The company that made this, King Noor LA, has announced a way to directly to donate to the families injured.

On their Instagram page, “We have a friend who is coordinating with several families who have been affected – funds that will be allocated towards funerals and the aftermath casualties. Every dollar counts. Please Venmo your donations to: Mashal Ha or Mashal.Hamidi@gmail.com.”

Thank you.