30 Outfits in 30 Days of Ramadan: Day 2

Welcome back to the second installment of MG’s 30 Days of Ramadan Fashion. Today’s outfit is inspired by the Ramadan collection from blogger Soha MT’s collection. This outfit can be casual, yet simple and chic. It’s also great as the nights during Ramadan get warmer.

The second outfit features the Angelic besht from the collection. It’s white with a gorgeous floral lace lining! It’s big enough to hide any food babies you might get from Iftar and it’s long enough so it’s appropriate for prayer. All you need to complete the outfit is a grey hijab, a top to wear underneath, and your favorite pair of jeans and shoes.


Shop the looks below, by clicking on the names!

1. Angelic besht

2. Grey Turkish Hijab

3. White Top

4. Jeans

5. Shoes