3 Things You Should Remember About Kamala Harris While Celebrating Her Victory

The 2020 presidential elections had many firsts, but the most distinct one was Kamala Harris’ victory as the first woman of color to ever hold the position of vice president. This is a victory for many people, especially immigrants, people of color, and women. But while celebrating this victory, supporters should also recognize that Harris has her fair share of controversial actions in the past. Here are some things to keep in mind before celebrating Kamala’s victory:

Her Support of Zionism

Kamala not only supports Zionism, but she also promised that she “supports the United States commitment to provide Israel with 38 billion dollars in military assistance over the next decade.” As Palestinians are being killed, separated from their families and arrested by the Israeli military, Kamala comes in and supports all that.

Her ‘Lack’ of a Position on a Bill Requiring Independent Investigations When There Is a Fatal Shooting by Police

” I did not oppose that bill,” said Harris in a CNN town hall with Jake Tapper when he asked about this bill. Harris claimed that her duty as attorney general at the time is to write summaries and titles of proposed bills and not to support or oppose them. Investigations and fact-checking found otherwise, learn more in this video:


Her History of Enforcing Laws That Plays a Role in Incarcerating POC

Harris disagreed with a state-wide police body camera regulation, stating, “I, as a general matter, believe that we should invest in the ability of law enforcement leaders in specific regions and with their departments to use [their] discretion to figure out what technology they are going to adopt based on needs that they have and resources they have,” Harris told reporters in Sacramento in May 2015.

She also didn’t oppose the three-strikes law. It is true she made it less biased, but the existence of the three-strikes law in itself is racist and biased.

Kamala Harris has been largely criticized by former inmates, Black activists, and prison abolitionists because of the policies she put in place and supported.

Although her victory is a big one in the American history, we should not forget who she is and what she did and bleievs in.