3 of Our Favorite Islamic Cartoons

As kids grow up, there’s one thing that is universally beloved by virtually all of them: cartoons. Kids love cartoons, whether they’re watching Saturday morning cartoons or watching after school as a treat for completing homework.

Back in the day, Islamic cartoons were both funny and informative. When we look at some of the most impactful Muslim cartoons that people have loved, we can’t help but to fondly remember Adam’s World, The Boy and the King, and Fatih Sultan Muhammad.

Adam’s World

This cartoon was a hit back in the ’80s & 90s. The main character, Adam, is an orange-haired puppet. The series revolves around Adam teaching Islamic principles in a subtle yet impactful manner. He taught viewers the alphabet in Arabic, the Holy Quran, salah, and so much more. Growing up and watching Adam’s World definitely brought a sense of enthusiasm and love for Islam. The show has even launched its own app for iPhone and Android users.

The Boy and the King

This cartoon is an animated film, which was received with lots of love and appreciation, as it is based on authentic narration from the Holy Prophet, PBUH. The main characters are Obaid (the boy) and Narsis (the king). The boy had a difficult decision to make, and was perplexed about it. He then sets off on his own journey in the quest of right and wrong.

The plot for this cartoon film refers to “The People of the Ditch” in Surat Al-Burooj from the Qur’an (85:4).

Fatih Sultan Muhammad

Fatih Sultan Muhammad is another cartoon film that is jam-packed with knowledge. The conquest of Constantinople by Fatih Sultan Muhammad was an incredible breakthrough in Islamic history. This one surely makes the viewers feel immensely proud to be Muslim as it showcases the glory of Muslim civilization. The film details one of the most pivotal events in the Muslim history. It tells about the bravery of Fatih Sultan Muhammad, from his first ascension to the throne in 1444, at the tender age of 12. He was one of history’s greatest young leaders. The film then revolves around his astuteness and enthusiasm for learning. He led the Muslim armies and liberated Constantinople from tyrannical rule. While the animation draws children’s attention, this is more than just a cartoon. It’s an educational opportunity.

We hope this trip down the memory lane was refreshing and enjoyable! If you still haven’t watched any of these…it’s never too late!