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3 Muslim Women-Run Etsy Shops for All Your Ramadan Needs

There’s a major gap in mainstream stores for providing Ramadan and Eid Decorations. Like you can provide enough halloween candy to inflict diabetes on all 74.2 million kids in the U.S., but where’s the damn moon and star, Target?

So, per usual, we must look inward. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Here are 4 AMAZING SHOPS to think about supporting this Ramadan. All small businesses. All run by strong and independent Muslim Women. And all have great options for the Hunger Games this May 🙂



1. Norisa Designs


Run by a mother of two outside Washington D.C., Norisa Designs offers amazing collections and decorations to use for an Eid Party or Iftar one night in Ramadan. All of the products can be instantly downloaded to your computer so it makes for a fun DIY project as well.

Popular items like the Good Deeds chart are a great way to get your kids thinking about their actions!


2. OnceUponAEid


This site offers great tangible party essentials shipped directly to your house, like Arabic and Turkish Paper Cups, Moon and Star Luminary Bags, and even My First Ramadan Baby Blankets! OnceUponAEid, started by Dalia Matariyeh of Illinois, has already made nearly 700 sales on Etsy!


3. TheBlueOrient


Ramadan is all about empathy and being selfless, so sending someone a nice card and professing your appreciation for your loved ones is so important. Ifrah Akhter offers exquisite cards in her new shop TheBlueOrient on Etsy.

The aesthetic is trendy, the content speaks to your heart and your faith, and here prices are more than reasonable. Akhter just recently opened her shop, so let’s show her some love!


Of course, these are not the only great Muslim women-run sites for Eid and Ramadan! Comment below others you know of, and happy hunting 🙂