Designs by Jamiela

16 Muslim-Owned Businesses for All Your Gifting Needs

It’s that time of year again where we are not only fasting for Ramadan, but also gearing up for Eid celebrations. Eid celebrations mean deciding on gifts for our loved ones — and ourselves. Perhaps we are also preparing for Hajj (insha’Allah). And because it’s May, we may be getting ready for tons of family graduation celebrations and weddings.

Shopping during a pandemic can be difficult, but thanks to online stores and Instagram, we can find that perfect gift right from the comfort of our own homes. We’ve compiled a list of Muslim-owned businesses we think you will enjoy browsing through — and may even be be intrigued enough to give them your business. To make it convenient, we’ve organized it in four different categories (FUN, FOOD, FASHION, and FUTURE) from “most affordable” to “this is an investment purchase.”


(price: totally afforable)

Designs by Jamiela

One of our favorite Muslim-owned businesses comes from a young and talented Muslim Girl named Jamiela. Her creative gifts have gained the attention of thousands of Muslims across the United States. You can custom make gift boxes with journals, t-shirts, nightlights, and more. Prices are super reasonable and she is very good at getting your package out to you quickly. Check out her products on her Instagram page to see all she has to offer. Everyone will be boasting about how much they love their gifts if you purchase through Designs by Jamiela.

Orchid Islamic Art

Home decor, please? Yes, and thank you! Who doesn’t love wall art? We know we do…especially when we can find the ultimate piece to display in our homes. This company has a variety of art and home goods at reasonable prices. You can check out their Etsy page or their Instagram for products and prices.

personalised by h co

How cute are these gift sacks for Eid we found on Etsy?! Personalised by H CO has a variety of gift ideas that expands to more than just gift bags. They have personalized cups, onesies for baby’s first Eid, and so much more — and the prices are totally reasonable. Check out what they have to offer on their Etsy page or their Instagram.

Live True Jewelry

Looking for that special piece that symbolizes who you are, and still has that fun element that you love to rock with your fashion choices? Check out Live True Jewelry to find that perfect necklace. Prices range from high to low, with Arabic calligraphy, as well as English writing, on whatever you are looking for. They have a website as well as an Instagram page that you can browse through.


(price: meets all budgets)

Lulu’s Gourmet Crackers

You’ve been invited to your best friend’s parent’s house for Iftar and you need to take something with you. (In case you were never told, you should never go to someone’s house empty handed.) But what should you bring? We have the answer for you. Lulu’s Gourmet Crackers are amazing dipped in lebna or hummus. Make a gift basket out of it. She has different flavors, from zaatar to sun-dried tomatoes to msekhan, and they’re all so yummy! Her Instagram page has amazing pictures of her products and she delivers throughout the United States.

The California Cookie Company

Amy Ayoub is the creator of the California Cookie Company, the home of the “Knafa cookie.” She delivers anywhere in the United States, and the cookies come straight to you as if they came fresh out of the oven. All ingredients are natural and made with love. You must have a tray of her delightful and filling cookies for dessert during Ramadan or for your Eid celebrations. Check out her Instagram page to see the different flavors, as well as contact information to order your dozen today.

zalatimo brothers for sweets

Do you have a major weakness for Arab sweets? If you do, then you may already know that Zalatimo Sweets are known throughout the Arab and Western World for being one of the best and most respected in the arena of Arab sweets. You can now order your box of baklava online, too. Check out their Instagram or their website for prices and choices for your Ramadan Iftars and Eid celebrations.

Ziyad Brothers Importing Dates

Dates are a tricky purchase for those of us who observe BDS. According to Ziyad Brothers Importing website, their dates are grown, picked, and packaged by Palestinians in Palestine, not on settlements of stolen land by Israelis. For more information about the Ziyad family-owned date farm in Jericho, Palestine, you can visit In the meantime, you can order your dates from them online to enjoy during Ramadan.


(Price: Mid to High budgets)

Tamara malas Clothing

This fashion designer makes clothing from size 6-32. They are ethically made and considered “slow fashion” (her words). Her prints are quirky and fun, inspiring girls of all sizes to use fashion in any way they want with no limitations. Her Instagram page has amazing models showing off her line, and you can also visit her website to order your favorite pieces as well.


CULTURE Hijab Co was founded by a young Muslim woman who was inspired by modest and modern fashion in 2016. She decided to share her vision, spread inspiration, and celebrate all beauty and modesty. The colors and cloth of her products are soft and feminine, while still providing each buyer their own individuality. You can order from the website, or check out their Instagram page for looks to meet your needs.

Louella by Ibtihaj

Is it possible to love something too much? We are in total love with Ibtihaj Muhammad’s fashion line, Louella. The looks are classic, and the fits are breathable and wearable for special occasions or every day use. Prices range from low to high and everything in between. You can order from her website, or check out her Instagram for amazing looks to be inspired by.

Profound Co.

Faraz Zaidi is the founder, designer, and creative director of this high-end men’s clothing and lifestyle brand. Women’s clothing (or unisex) are also available. Justin Bieber, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Odell Beckham Junior, Post Malone, Selena Gomez, and other major celebs have been seen rocking his fashion. The collection can be found in major high-end department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, and more. You can also order from his website, or check out some of his collection on his Instagram page.


(price: Investment status)


Here’s something different for that special person getting ready to graduate this year and looking for a job. Buy them a package from this company for Eid, where Azmia can provide your loved one with a killer resume, or develop a pitch deck presentation that will put them ahead of the competition. I know it sounds a bit unconventional for an Eid gift — but remember, graduation is just around the corner, so your future grad will love you for this gift. Alchemy With Azmia also offers a variety of other services, such as life coaching and coaching for writers, as well as digital journals. Check out her website for more information.

Lemons_by amina, Therapist

It’s no secret that the last year has been super stressful for us all. The pandemic was an equal opportunity life and soul-crusher. Many of us found comfort in therapy, while others shied away from it because they wanted to speak with someone who understood where they were coming from based on their faith. Amina Saad is the person you are looking for to help you get over that hump that’s been holding you back or pulling you down. She’s a coach with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Psychology. She also provides pre-marital counseling and is a spiritual coach and speaker. Her Instagram page features motivational talks for those needing guidance regarding their own mental health as well. You can contact her via Instagram to set up appointments for counseling or to invite her to speaking engagements (via Zoom for now, but definitely in person when the world opens back up). While unconventional for some to give as a gift, desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have someone you love that needs a little motivation after a year of struggles, think about gifting a set of sessions with Amina as their Eid gift. Show them you love them by providing opportunities to heal.

Dar El salam islamic world travel

Hajj is scheduled tentatively beginning July 13, 2021, and while COVID restrictions are still being monitored, Dar El Salam stated on their website that they expect the total number of pilgrims for Hajj 2021 will be reduced. Therefore, they are urging you to pre-register for Hajj 2021 to confirm your space before it is too late! They have five different packages to choose from, from affordable (classic) to pricey (executive). This is an investment of a lifetime, and we’ve heard great things from people who have booked their Hajj through Dar El Salam. Check out their website for more information.

Halal Tours

Okay, we understand the world is closed due to reconstruction (COVID), but it will eventually open back up, right? And when it does, we have found an amazing agency to plan your next adventure touring Muslim sites throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, such as Spain and Morocco. Their mission statement touts a “High Quality Holiday Experience in accordance with Muslim beliefs.” Interesting! They offer halal tourism with all specific requirements and expectations.They even have honeymoon packages for all those of you who plan on getting married on Eid, or immediately following it. For more details, you can check out their website to see more plan options.

All photos retrieved from the Instagram accounts or website of the respective companies.