13 Highlights of the Second Presidential Debates

Last night we watched the second of three presidential debates leading up to the November 8 elections. The debate took place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The “Town Hall” style debate welcomed a slew of undecided voters  (yeah, what?) from the St. Louis area to join the candidates on stage, and ask questions.
Some highlights from the debate are listed below – even though the action started well before the debate when Trump gathered several Bill Clinton accusers for a pre-game show.
For your reading pleasure, here are some of the best and worst quotes of the night:
“Our country is great because we are good.” – Hilary Clinton
Thanks for the shout out, Hil! But just in case you weren’t paying attention, we may have some not so good folks, too.
“This is locker room talk. When you have ISIS, wars. Yes I’m very embarrassed by it. We will defeat ISIS.” – Donald Trump
“I have great respect for women, and women have respect for me.” – Donald Trump
Hey Donald, these ladies don’t look like they respect you very much. #Pussygate2016
If you have a minute, you might want to watch this video of real quotes said by Trump himself about women.
“This is like medieval times. The carnage all around.” –Donald Trump
Did you all catch the amount of times Donald Trump brought up Bernie Sanders – over and over again… like he was literally calling upon some kind of talisman. Cute that he’s still pandering to Bernie’s crowd.
“I was surprised to see him (Bernie Sanders) sign with the devil.” –Hilary Clinton
When you have to mansplain your interruptions to the person you’re interrupting…
“You have nothing to say.” – Donald Trump
“The African Americans…The inner cities.” –Donald Trump
“We need American Muslims to be our eyes and ears.” – Hillary Clinton
“It’s called extreme vetting.” – Donald Trump
When Anderson Cooper asked Trump if the “Muslim ban” is still part of his campaign and he doesn’t say “no”…
“We’ve had Muslims in America since George Washington.” –Hilary Clinton
Actually Hil, even before GW…
“How stupid is our country?” – Donald Trump
“Donald always takes care of Donald, and people like Donald.” – Hilary Clinton on taxes
When you and your running mate each want your own dessert.
“He and I haven’t spoken and we don’t agree.” –Donald Trump