12 Muslim Women Warriors You Should Know

As you may know from reading the Quran — because we know you’re diligently reading all Ramadan, right?! — women have an entire chapter of the Quran dedicated to them. Women are elevated in Islam and hold a high status, despite the stereotypes and tropes of the “oppressed Muslim woman.”

Ali Olomi, a professor and historian of Middle Eastern and Islamic history and host of the #HeadOnHistory podcast, wrote an excellent Twitter thread which details some of the many amazing warrior women throughout Islam’s history. There are mentions of some of the better known stories, such as that of Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, who fought alongside the Prophet, as well as some names that may be lesser known, such as Chand Bibi, a legendary leader and fierce warrior.

Check it out below and get ready to be inspired and amazed!

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