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11 Gift Ideas for the Badass Revolutionary MuslimGirl

Are you tired of Islamophobes?


Don’t have time to be PC with Gossip Aunties?

Over it with the wallahbros?

And just want to be a badass revolutionary?

This post is for you:

Here are 12 gift ideas for the Muslim girls with no cares to give. This post features products from shops owned by Muslim women:

1. This tote bag from moosleemargh

It says what you really want to say when they come at you with that Go back to your country.

You can find her products here and follow her on Instagram here!


2. This T-shirt from The Pakistani Martha Stewart


It has enough sass to get you away with being badtameez (bad-mannered). You can get any of her hilarious comics printed on a T-shirt. Be sure to check out her Instagram and Etsy shop!


3. A Custom Print from The Pakistani Martha Stewart


Order this design as a custom on her Etsy shop!


4. This tote bag from The Tote Gallery

For when you are tired of having to repeat again and again how you actually do have rights as a woman in Islam. Get it here.


5. This spoonful of sabr (patience) mug from Two Craftistas

For when you need a whole lot of patience with your caffeine. Get it here on the Two Craftistas’ Etsy shop!


6. This book: “Tehran Streetstyle”

It’s by our very own Hoda Katebi — written with the intent to reclaim her identity from all the negative connotations surrounding Iran and Iranian fashion. Buy it here and follow Hoda on Instagram here.


7. “A woman’s voice is a revolution” shirt from Watan Palestine

Buy it here! Also, cool side note — 10% of proceeds from all items will be donated to the Palestine charity and/or project of Watan’s choice.


8. This art print from EmanEffects

It features a woman wearing hijab — which can be customized with a country’s flag or words. Check it out here and check out her Facebook page here!

9. These anti-bigot buttons from Muslamb

They say, “I will do my best to mess up any bigot that messes with you.” Buy them on her Etsy shop here!


10. These “Hijabi hard at work” pencils from Muslamb

In case any one ever doubted you. Buy them here.

11. The #MuslimGirlBook, of course.


Can’t go wrong with educating yourself to keep on fighting that fight! Purchase on Amazon or any major booksellers here.

Go ahead, take on the world.