10 Years of MuslimGirl.com: Where Are They Now?

As you may be aware, this year is a big one for MuslimGirl.com. We’re celebrating ten years of being around! This platform has always served as a safe haven for those who find that the status quo doesn’t quite make room for them. As a result, over the years MuslimGirl.com has become a magnet for creatives, thinkers, and the rebellious.

Overall, MuslimGirl.com has produced a lot of content over the years, and supported a lot of talent. It has been an amazing ten years many more to go, Insh’Allah! In honor of our ten-year anniversary, we are throwing it back and taking a look at 5 of our former staffers, from editors to writers, to see what they’ve achieved since they left MuslimGirl.com:

1. Eman Bare Idil

As an editor and writer at MuslimGirl.com three years ago, Eman Bare Idil has made us all proud. Currently a law student, she took New York Fashion Week by storm last year through her modest, yet modern fashion line. Focusing in on ethical fashion, each piece featured in Eman’s line is handmade from women all over the world. She has worked with woman from Nepal, Bangladesh, Somalia, Morocco, Malaysia, New York and Canada. Eman Idil believes that people can change the world through fashion, and the way she has curated and cultivated her fashion line is clearly indicative of that. 


2. Dr. Sabha Abour

This past February, Dr. Sabha Abour graduated with a Bachelors of Science, and Doctorate of Chiropractic. She’s the first Palestinian alumni from Palmer College of Chiropractic, so Palestine is officially represented there. Currently working for an organization called “Focus for Health Foundation,” Sabha spent a year writing for MuslimGirl.com about four years ago, and has since moved on to focus on doing research looking at social determinants of health associated with low-income and minority populations. Reflecting on her time since she left, Dr. Abour told MuslimGirl.com, “Alhamdulli’Allah, I’m doing well. I’m currently just working and learning as much as possible to start my own women’s natural health clinic, insh’Allah!”


3. Safaa Khan

Pictured in the red scarf above, Safaa Khan graduated from Rutgers Business School as a Journalism major in 2014. She worked at MuslimGirl.com from June 2015 to April 2018 as a social media editor, and occasional writer. She currently works for Accenture as a consulting analyst, and according to her LinkedIn page, remains a passionate activist and bookworm.


4. Leah Vernon

You may be very familiar with our next former writer. Leah Vernon is a celebrated hijabi model that has been featured in Elle Magazine and Teen Vogue, as well as on Refinery 29, and Buzzfeed. She promotes body positivity, self love, and the inclusion of marginalized bodies in mainstream media and the beauty and fashion industry. According to her LinkedIn account, she is a 2018 Ariane de Rothschild Fellow, and 2017 recipient of the prestigious Gilda Snowden Emerging Artist Award for Literary Arts. Formerly a frequent writer for MuslimGirl.com, Leah has taken the fashion industry by storm, and has modeled internationally and spoken at colleges such as Columbia University. Currently a public speaker for “Beauty and the Muse,” we are so proud that Leah continues to spread her message of positivity and acceptance globally. 


5. Naaz Modan

Naaz Modan spent a year (2017-2018) as an editor, and occasional writer for MuslimGirl.com. Starting out as a content editor, Naaz’s talent for her work soon pushed her up the ranks of MuslimGirl.com, leading her to the role of executive editor. After she left MuslimGirl.com, Naaz worked as a news intern for Al Jazeera Media Network, before becoming a National Communications Manager at CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).