10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves, scarves and more scarves! We all have a ton of them in every print, color, texture and even size! It’s hard not to buy them especially when they are available everywhere. Scarves are a great way to add character, color and coziness to your look. Sometimes I’ll love a certain print but I feel its too loud to wear as a Hijab. I also love bright colors but sometimes the color is too bright. But that does not mean you cannot buy it just because you cannot wear it as a hijab. Here are 10 styles that I have come across and made into my own:

1. Casual

This first one is the obvious. This is ideal for printed shorter scarves. You can wear it casually like I did or even pair it more formally with a blazer.

2. Loop

The Loop is ideal for the upcoming spring season! I am already loving the colorful and floral scarves that are in the new spring collections. It is a great way to add color without feeling too hot in the springtime. You simple hang it around your neck with one side shorter then the other then take the longer side and wrap it around your neck.

3. DIY Infinity

I love infinity scarves but I like oblong better because it is more versatile. Simply tie the ends of the scarf together. Throw the knot in the back and simple twist into an infinity shape and place it around your neck. You can continue to twist it more time for more of a fitted/winter look.

4. Classic Knot

Everyone knows this classic style. I usually wear this to work especially on the colder days. Simply fold the scarf equally and hang around your neck. Then with the side that is folded pull the loose ends through the hole.

5. Cozy Cute

You’ll definitely spot me with this scarf style on these cold days. It really keeps you warm and is really comfortable. Simple wrap around your neck multiple times until the ends do not hang. Lastly tuck in the ends under the layers for a neat look.

6. Tied Up

I discovered this by simply just playing around with the scarf. I attempted to tie it like a tie and this is what came out of it.

7. Double Knot

This is similar to the Classic Knot but you pull it through one more time to create a double knot look.

8. Hijab

This is kind of the obvious one but if your daring to wear bright colors or prints then by all means wear it as a hijab!

9. Hijab Snood

Again, perfect winter look. It has extra warmth and gives an illusion of a snood! Simply place the scarf on your head with one side of the scarf really long and the other side up to your shoulder. Continue to wrap it around and then tuck in to the layers.

10. On the Bag

Lastly, you can always add it on as an accessory. This also perfect for my fellow sisters who do not cover but need a scarf to pray during the day!

There are numerous ways you can style a scarf. These are just a few I have came up with that add personality and comfort to your look. I hope you found these ideas useful and will hopefully discover some new ones on your own!