Treat yourself on Valentine's Day
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10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Who says you only get to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day if you belong with “lovebirds”? If you’re a single woman, and you’re reading this, it’s your calling to show yourself the love that you deserve!

Love is in the air around this time of year, and YOU deserve to feel as loved as anyone else. So here are 10 ways you can treat yourself and love yourself on Valentine’s Day.

Are you ready? Let’s start, Bismillah!

Plan a date night with yourself

Treat yourself on Valentine's Day
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Some women love to go out with friends, spend the night around great food, music, and ambiance. If you don’t feel like going out with your friends or you simply don’t have any company (since everyone has their own partners to go out with), you can always explore the world on your own.

Go to the cinema, eat at a good restaurant all by yourself, and appreciate the time you spend with yourself. If you don’t even feel like going out, you can stay in the night and do the things you love!

Make popcorn, wrap yourself up in a fuzzy blanket, watch a movie, do your nails — the possibilities are endless!

Cook your favourite dish

There’s no better feeling than eating your favourite meal that you cook yourself. Even if it is a hard dish to make, this is your time to take the extra effort, time, and money to whip up something that will definitely be worth it at the end of the day.

Don’t stress yourself out while you cook! Don’t worry about the outcome or how it will taste, or else you’ll lose the joy of cooking and overwhelm yourself with things that don’t happen yet.

Enjoy the moment, take your time, read the recipe carefully and let the dish speak for itself.

If you’re not sure of what to cook, here are some of our favorite recipes!

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It’s a great time to go on a stay-cation

Are you too bored at home? Perhaps you’re just so caught up in an endless loop of a mundane routine that almost makes you feel like a robot?

Maybe you’re burned out from all the work stress, and you need some time off of your own home?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, that’s a sign for you to go out and breathe some fresh air at a new and foreign place. Book a hotel, studio apartment, or a homestay all to yourself!

Make sure that the destination you choose to stay in for the night is surrounded by tourist attractions, places you can go see and visit, and great restaurants for you to go food or café hunting when your stomach rumbles!

Here’s a list of destinations you can Google and add “near me” to find these places nearby:

  • Museum
  • Petting Zoo/zoos
  • Spa
  • Insta-worthy cafés and restaurants
  • Art gallery
  • Amusement park
  • Beach
  • Farmer’s market

Be bold and change up your styling game

If you’re a fashionista or would like to be one, but you’re too afraid to step out of your comfort zone, this is your time to shine!

If you usually wear that stained sweatshirt every single day with your ripped jeans, try to kick it up a notch by removing one of your usual pieces and adding another new piece you’ve never tried before!

You could change the way you wear your shoes, you could swap your sweatshirt with a turtleneck sweater and cardigan, and you could even add a piece of jewelry to make a bold statement.

Here are some fashion inspirations you can browse through to visualise yourself in those clothes better!

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It’s a tradition on Valentine’s Day to gift your partner a bouquet of flowers, but let’s add our own twist to it and give yourself the blooming flowers you need!

You can either purchase a bouquet from any gift or flower shop online or nearby, or you can do it yourself by arranging some of your favourite flowers in a beautiful vase and placing it as a centerpiece in your home.

Do it for yourself and show yourself some love, sister!

Pamper your face with beauty and skincare

Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day
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Even if you’re not going anywhere fancy, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time and excuse for you to put on makeup to make yourself feel good.

Take out your expensive beauty items and make yourself feel like a million bucks! Who says women do their makeup to impress others? If you’re going to practice self-love, you’re going to wear that makeup for yourself, sister.

Towards the end of the day, take it all off with your skincare routine you know and love, but don’t have the time to do them all on a daily basis. This is the day you invest extra time in your skincare routine and enjoy the relaxing process.

Put on some essential oils to calm your nerves, listen to calming music and unwind for the rest of your day!

Participate in an enjoyable workout session

Some workouts can make you feel good but are definitely tiring in the process. They’re not fun, and you probably dread looking forward to doing those kinds of workouts, especially if you’re a newbie!

Jogging, doing some HIIT, or swimming are some of the examples of boring and repetitive workouts people get bored really fast and easily.

Instead of those, you can participate in enjoyable activities that can definitely empower you to feel more confident, bold, and active. Some of those activities include dance cardio workouts, Zumba, salsa, yoga, Pilates. And it’s even more fun when you do such activities in groups!

The feeling of being surrounded by other empowering women is such an amazing feeling and experience for you to try out on this special day. Go to your gym or engage in online workout groups and seize the opportunity!

Decorate your sanctuary

Our environment can make or break our mood. If you are surrounded by a filthy, disorganised, and musty environment, you are more likely to start off your day in a bad mood, feeling frumpy, cluttered, and anxious.

If it’s the other way around, your mind will feel a lot more at ease, relaxed, and more confident with how you carry yourself for the rest of the day.

On Valentine’s Day, however, this is your chance to spice up your sanctuary (a.k.a. your room) and turn it into something Pinterest-worthy or something you would definitely see yourself thrive in.

Create a cozy space where you can calm yourself down, express your creativity, and find your zen.

Take up an online course to learn a new skill

Each day is a new day for us to learn something new and be the better version of ourselves! We should always have a growth mindset and never stop learning in our daily lives.

Even on this special day, there is always something new you can try and probably develop a love for.

Taking up an online course does not necessarily mean you should learn mundane things that bore you; it’s more of learning how to take up a certain hobby and make it a routine for you to spend more quality time with yourself.

You can always take up online courses on flower arranging, painting, playing a musical instrument, cooking, and more.

If you’re interested in taking up an online course on literally anything you want to learn, click on these credible platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, Domestika, or FutureLearn.

Log off your social media for the day

Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day
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Being on social media means that you’ll be seeing a lot of people post about how unrealistically luxurious their day is with their loved ones.

It’s fine if you’re not the type of person who gets easily affected by such posts. But if you do feel lonely when you see how happy people are on social media, this means you should sign out from your social media account for the day and focus only on YOU.

You are the star of the show for today, so only YOU matter. It doesn’t matter what other people do; what matters is your happiness and how comfortable you are with yourself. That is something not everyone can enjoy or appreciate.

Above all, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and celebrate yourself on this special day. It is a moment of self-love, self-respect, and kindness given to yourself for all the sacrifice you’ve put yourself through and the challenges you face — and for simply existing on the face of the Earth!

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, sisters. I hope you’ll thrive even when you’re alone!