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10 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Like the Most Important Person In the World

10 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Like the Most Important Person In the World

Not sure what to get for your mother on Mother’s Day? Here is a list of things your mom is secretly hoping for, but probably won’t tell you. This will make you her favorite child.

  1. Clean your room without her asking you several times a day. In fact, you should clean the whole house and light some bukhoor (incense) as a final touch.
  2. Make her breakfast in bed. And no, not just some toast and butter or cereal. Check out some recipes from one of these awesome food bloggers here for ideas.
  3. Let her sleep in. If you have younger siblings that wake up at the crack of dawn, take them out to play so you can let mama sleep in. She needs the rest. I bet she’ll make supplications for you when she wakes up.
  4. Write her a heartfelt letter about how amazing she is and how much you love her. She will cherish it forever.
  5. Make supplications for her. She needs all the prayers she can get with all that she does for the family – rarely thinking of herself.  Believe me when I tell you, all mothers need help!
  6. Go grocery shopping for her and insist that she stay home and relax. Give her the remote control and let her know the TV is all hers!
  7. Get her flowers! I know, it’s been done, right? But flowers are delicate and sweet, just like mama! Stay away from those exotic flowers that look more like cactus than rose petals, though. Those are just weird.
  8. Get her chocolate. She won’t be able to get enough of it. Trust!
  9.  For all you college students who are nearing the end of your semester – what your mom really wants is a straight A report card (or at least very close to straight A’s). If you can bring that home wrapped in a bow, you’ve just made her day!
  10. If you are old enough to have a life of your own now, and spending time with your mom is scarce because of all the things you are involved in, I highly suggest you take your mother out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just coffee. Just make sure you have time to sit with her and tell her everything good that is happening in your life. Let her know you still need her. Tell her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. Remind her that you are the person you are because of her. Hold her hand like you did when you were a kid. It may be a little awkward in the beginning, but remember this – you could be 50 years old, but your mom will always look at you like her baby. Remind her how much you love that God picked her to be your mother. Don’t forget to end your time with her with a heartfelt, “I love you, Mom!”
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