arabic alphabet

10 Unique Gifts Featuring the Arabic Alphabet

1. Unique artisanal Mugs with Arabic alphabet from Probably White


Check out their Instagram and order their products by emailing

2. This environmentally-friendly notebook with Arabic letters from Ink and Ocean

Check out all her gorgeous products here.

3.This Arabic alphabet Wall Decals from Muslim Toys and Dolls and Co.

Each letter is an individual decal you can arrange as you wish! Buy them here.

4. This Arabic alphabet and name print from The Little Bulbul

You can customize it! Buy this and more like it here.

5. This Arabic alphabet and floral Bisht from Mavie Dubai


Find it on Instagram and just DM to order!

6. These Arabic letter coasters from Kashida


Buy them here!

7. This Arabic alphabet Print from the Butterfly Gallery

Check it out here.

8. These Arabic alphabet bookends, also from Kashida


Buy them as a set of two here.

9. Handmade with olive wood, Arabic alphabet bangle from NH Fashion

These are handmade in Bethlehem, Palestine, buy it and other Palestinian products here.

10. These beautiful set of six coffee cups from Silsal Designs


Check out all their products and order them here.