10 Tips to Stay Healthy as a Working Women

Many women today are taking on amazing jobs and doing rewarding work (claps).  In fact, women make up about half of the labor force in the United States so the idea of being a working women is far from being unheard of. That being said, however, working women have to juggle a balancing act between their health and their careers. Sitting eight (or more) hours in a chair, face-to-face with a computer, and tempted by the endless amount of snacks and lunch outings with co-workers could have some unwanted health issues if not properly addressed. Eye-strain and weight-gain are just some of the many complications that working women face due to the demands of their busy lives. Thankfully though, with the help of modern medical advice, women can excel in their careers whilst simultaneously maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There really isn’t anything women can’t do! The ten tips below should help you and your working friends succeed, achieve, outshine and stay healthy!

That being said, however, working women have to juggle a balancing act between their health and their careers.

Avoid the snacks and eat more fruits. First thing’s first, slowly step back from the snacks drawer. Those M&Ms sound like the perfect remedy to getting over that long early morning meeting, but unfortunately, those moments of comfort are fleeting compared to the long term health effects. If you are not careful, the calories and fat from these snacks can add up over time. Your best healthy bet is to start eating healthier. Instead of going for candy, try reaching for some fruit. The next time you pass by a bowl of sweets perched ever so enticingly upon your co-workers desk, look beyond it to the fridge stored with all your healthy fruits!

Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is generally a great rule-of-thumb for living a healthier life. When it comes to work though, it is even more vital to stay hydrated. Throughout busy days or even slow ones, we forget to drink the recommended amount of water. That 3 p.m. crash most people experience is actually correlated with dehydration. To stay healthier, and much more awake during your work day, try drinking about 32 ounces of water. Bring in those cute water bottles and fill them up twice a day, from 9am to 5pm! Another helpful tip: set a reminder to drink water on your computer alarm; it might be strange at first but the payoffs are so worth it.

Get some exercise. Second to staying hydrated, moving your body throughout the day  is the most important thing to do. Some companies provide employees with gym access so that you can go during your lunch break. If a gym is not easily accessible to you, try taking a walk, otherwise you can request a quick work out session in the office. Experts recommend having a designated walking buddy who will drag you out one the days when motivation is amiss. Now, if none of these options are available to you, make sure to place getting a nightly workout in at the top of your to do list!

Step back from the screen. Looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time accounts for some serious eye strain problems.This injury can be a source of endless headaches, difficulty focusing, and increased sensitivity to light. So, how do you combat the negative side effects of constant screen interaction? Experts have one amazing and easy-to-follow tip: make sure that your computer is about an arms length away and that no squinting is required to comfortably read.  Another option would be to invest in a pair of computer glasses (they are real, no joke).

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Take a vacation!  In this busy life we live to work, not work to live. While our jobs (inshallah) are meaningful, the daily routine can negatively impact your health. Taking a vacation becomes necessary for living a healthier life. Give your mind that break and your body the spa it deserves! If a vacation away is out of the question, try a “staycation”. Put on your favorite song, get that new bath soap you have been eyeing, and let that stress wash away.

Avoid too much stress. In all jobs, there comes that time when a big project or deadline is coming up, causing one go into stress-induced work mode. Spending your days and nights working, though, ensures a higher level of stress. This prolonged pressure negatively spills over to your relationships, causing unwanted havoc. This type of stress is often referred to as burnout. Burnout can weaken your immune system, interfere with sleep, and mess with your ability to concentrate. In the end, you won’t be healthy enough to even finish the project you stressed so much about!  

Disinfect everything! Germs, if you think about it, are everywhere all the time. This can be a particularly unsettling realization when we think how often we come into contact with keyboards, mouses, public office doors, etc. To keep from getting sick, disinfect your work area and always use hand sanitizer before you dig into your lunch.

Avoid sick co-workers. I think this goes without saying that the best way to not get sick would be to avoid those who are. It might seem like a good idea at the time to shake your bosses hand when they are sick, but that just increases the likelihood of you getting ill. So, when someone in your office is sneezing, coughing, or exhibiting any signs of being sick, try to help, but maintain a healthy distance.

Limit your caffeine. Coffee is what keeps most working individuals going throughout the day. However, too much of anything is a bad thing. Coffee keeps your heart rate going way too fast, which increases your risk of developing major illness in the future.

Maintain proper posture. Spending long hours sitting at your desk causes your body to begin to adjust to harmful slouched posture. To avoid back pain (which is undeniably terrible) try to straighten out your posture. If it helps, you might want to invest in a back support brace. Many online stores offer a comfortable back support pad that easily ties on to any desk chair; your back will thank you for the investment.