10 Thoughts You’re Probably Having Before Ramadan

Ladies, Ramadan is coming up — it’s right around the corner! I know we all are having similar thoughts. Am I right?

1) I should really make up my missed fasts from last year. Do I have enough time?

Angry Frustrated animated GIF

2) Healthy iftars is what this Ramadan is going to be all about. Who needs samosas, right?

(…It’s going to be a struggle.)

3) And losing weight!

(We all know that does not ever work out.) 

4) When finishing your Netflix shows before Ramadan is pretty stressful.


5) Because you have new goals now. What is my schedule going to look like for me to finish the Quran in one month?

Sleepy Monsters Inc animated GIF

6) Should I even try to work out during Ramadan?

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7) Maybe I should get a head start on those all nighters.

8) I think I can plan every meal. Time to get that grocery list started.

Store Headphones animated GIF

9) The stress that you need to come up with ways to explain to your little brothers why you are not fasting, despite having tried to explain it to them before.

Whatever Annoyed animated GIF

Because they never really get it. The nail polish doesn’t work with them.

10) Time to slowly begin my search for the perfect Eid outfit.

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