10 Things You Need to Know about Trevor Noah

1. Trevor Noah is not Jon Stewart.

I mean this in the most literal sense possible. While some of us are still mourning the loss of Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show, we might have missed the news that Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old TV veteran, is going to be sitting behind the desk once Jon makes his departure. That name should sound familiar to avid fans, because Trevor joined the show as a correspondent in December of last year.

2. Trevor knows a thing or two about apartheid.

As we all know, apartheid is a major thing going on right now and Trevor has some first hand experience with the subject. Trevor was born in South Africa to a Swiss father and a black South African mother. At the time, interracial sex was illegal, and to have a child from that act was even more illegal. Essentially Trevor was born to badasses and turned out to become even more of a badass.

3. He’s not afraid to talk about race.

*initiates a slow clap* I mean, do I even need to go into this? We’ve stepped our second foot into the promised land.

4. Trevor used to be a soap opera actor.

This is especially interesting to me because I thought soap operas were an American thing and other countries just pointed and laughed at our stupid TV shows. Alas, Trevor got his start in front of the camera as an actor on a popular South African show called “Isidingo”.

5. The man can dance.

No, this is not me making a racially charged assumption. He can actually dance. South Africa has its own version of Dancing with the Stars and Trevor, being a star, came in second place during the 2008 season. I vote for The Daily Show to now have a weekly dancing segment!

6. Trevor Noah speaks more languages than Pope Francis.

In nomine patris et filli et spiritu sancti. Trevor Noah speaks a total of six different languages out of the 11 languages spoken in his native South Africa. El papa solamente sabe hablar tres lengaujes.

7. His latest comedy special is available on Netflix.

Now, as all my friends know I am not watching anything on Netflix in support of #Muslims4Lent. But if you can get to it, I encourage you to check out his stand up and get to know the man that will be delivering the news from one of the most trusted news networks in America (sad, but true). There’s also a documentary on Netflix in which Trevor is the subject, called You Laugh But It’s True.

8. He’s a record breaker.

Trevor was the first South African comedian ever to perform stand-up on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Maybe Jimmy Fallon will have him back?

9. He’s got award worthy personality qualities.

Trevor was nominated for a Personality of the Year Award last year at the MTV Africa Music Awards.

10. Trevor Noah has officially been granted the MG Seal of Approval.

Seal of approval

While Jon remains a beloved man and an eternal light in our lives, we accept that it’s time for him to move onto other things. We also accept that Trevor Noah is a trusted and well vetted comedian who’s not only endorsed by Comedy Central, but also by Big Papa Jon himself. Bring on the laughs.