10 Stores for Your Summer Hijab Needs

It’s hot, ya’ll! Climate change is no joke (looking at you, 45). Unless you are in Antarctica, you are feeling the summer heat by now. While dressing modestly and wearing hijab is such a blessing, it can sure feel like a curse when temperatures soar over 80 degrees. Choosing light fabrics and wrapping your scarf loosely can help you beat the summer heat (and perhaps ward off that pesky question “Aren’t you hot in that?”).

To ease the burden of finding the perfect summer covering, I’ve scoured the web and compiled a list to get you started!


1. Middle Eastern Mall

This U.S.-based company ships worldwide and has sales quite frequently. It also offers a variety of items like abayas, scarves and hijab accessories. Hijab styles range from one- and two-piece Amiras to square scarves, available in a variety of materials and colors. Their cotton Amira scarves are simple and just light enough to keep you cool, perfect for steamy summer weather. At prices as low as $5, why not add several to your collection?



2. Nabiilabee

Based in the U.K., YouTuber Nabiila Bee offers beautiful, high-quality scarves in a variety of materials and styles. She ships worldwide, offering U.K. and E.U. customers free shipping. This cotton maxi is made from Turkish material and is available for $25. I’m not sure which you will fall for first, her products or the bee logo!


My Batua

3. My Batua

This New Delhi-based company offers clothing for men, women and children as well as hijabs and niqabs. Rectangle and square scarves come in different materials, but the chiffon or cotton would be excellent summer choices. Many scarves are priced below $20 and can be shipped worldwide.


Simply Zeena

4. Simply Zeena

Simply Zeena ships worldwide with free shipping to U.S. customers. They offer many designs, but this floral chiffon scarf looks light and trendy! Larger rectangle scarves like this are available for $20.


Hijab Loft

5. Hijab Loft

This U.S.-based company ships worldwide with free U.S. shipping. Their hijabs seem made for summer time. Their cotton and chiffon scarves look and feel exquisite! My personal favorites are the lace edged scarves made with cotton viscose. Priced around $13, they will make a statement without breaking the bank!


Vela Scarves

6. Vela Scarves

Made of 100 percent viscose, this Ballah scarf is the ultimate statement piece! This site offers a transparency scale and hijab tutorial links with the product description so no more worrying about having enough coverage or how to style your new scarf. The price may seem steep to some, but they offer free shipping for orders over $50 so #treatyourself.



7. Modefa

Modefa offers tunics, abaya and various hijab styles and fabrics-even silk! Prices vary, but many options are available under $15, like this Chiffon Lazer Shawl. They are U.S.-based, ship worldwide with free U.S. shipping. Be sure to use coupon code MUSLIMGIRL15 to save 15% on your order!


East Essence

8. East Essence

East Essence offers clothes for the whole family, including uniforms, casual and special event wear. They offer many hijab styles and materials to choose from. Worldwide shipping is available from their New Delhi and U.S. warehouses. Orders over $150 ship free. Prices vary but this printed chiffon scarf is only $7.99!


Pearl Daisy

9. Pearl Daisy

Pearl Daisy is a U.K.-based company ran by YouTube vlogger Ameenakin. She offers hijabs, hoojabs (hooded hijabs), underscarves and accessories. Worldwide shipping is available and U.K. orders over 30 GBP ship for free. Price points vary but this polyester Smooth Vanilla scarf is only $7.09.


Mass Retail

10. Big Box Retailers and Resale Shops

Don’t forget to tap into local resources! Quite often, big box retailers like Walmart, Kmart and Kohl’s offer a treasure trove of options for hijabis! I have found infinity scarves at Walmart for less than $5. While selections are unreliable, hitting up resale shops can be like hitting the halal lottery. Many times you can find scarves that are name-brand and new with tags for less than a few dollars. Not to mention, purchases often benefit a charitable organization. Shopping locally will save you shipping and you can examine color and material in person.