10 Reasons Why Your Mom’s Accent Rocks

If you grew up bilingual, then one of your parents probably has an accent. You might have been embarrassed at it some point in your life while growing up (probably during your obnoxious teenage years), but finally realized how awesome your mother’s accent is.
Here is a list of why your mother’s accent rocks.
1- Because having an accent means she learned another language, and research continues to show the benefits of being bilingual.
2- Your mom can tell you “I love you” in two different languages.
3- Your mom can discipline you in a language nobody else will understand in public.
4- You sometimes have to directly translate things to her because the other person “speaks too fast.”
5- She will make you do things for her, like stay on the phone with customer service for hours and use the “They will not understand me if I talk to them” excuse.
6- She will ask you to write important e-mails to people from her e-mail address and trust you to do so.
7- She will text you to ask if a certain sentence is grammatically correct and if a word is spelled the right away.
8- You can have a conversation in your own about the rude cashier and discuss if you should complain to the manager or wonder if she’s just having a bad day. Meanwhile, the cashier lady will continue to give you death stares.
9- She will scroll through Facebook and come across a bad word and ask you what it means. Then you try to figure out how to explain the vulgar word to her and avoid getting yelled at.
10- She gave you the gift of being bilingual and her accent simply means she learned another language at an older age, and she’s absolutely amazing, and you are so thankful for her, accent and all.