10 Perfect Winter Activities If You Dislike Winter

Snow, hot chocolate, warm and soft blankets; just a few of many things that tell us that winter has arrived, loud and proud! While I am not personally a fan of freezing temperatures, I still love the idyllic things that make the winter season so cozy and fun. Whether it’s staying inside and enjoying watching the snowfall, to actually going out and building a snowman, there’s always something fun to do during winter.

Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do during the chilliest season of the year:

1. Puzzles

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I am not usually a puzzle-solver, but there’s something about it being cold outside that makes me keen to dig out the old puzzle box and get to it! With the wind whirling around outside, it’s the perfect activity to do with your family.

2. Online Shopping

Spring, summer, and fall are when I love going to the mall to do my shopping. But when the temps drop really low, I love to kick up my feet and start clicking the buttons to get the items I need through the wonderful world of online shopping! Start up the fireplace and grab a blanket, because there’s no need to venture out and get lost in the Christmas shopping crowds.

3. Bake Cookies

I love making chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but a ready-made mix works just as well. Baking cookies is a great activity to do with or without kids. Either way, you get a yummy snack for later, and it makes your home smell so good! That’s a win-win situation, if I’ve ever seen one! It’s also a great idea to share the joy of freshly-baked cookies with your friends and neighbors to spread a little cheer!

4. Drink Hot Chocolate

I know, this one is kind of obvious. However, I know so many people that just kind of forget about this winter staple drink! Coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos can be indulged all year around. But hot chocolate is something that we save for winter time, when our motivation to do anything is at an all-time low. So grab a mix from the grocery store, and don’t forget to add extra marshmallows!

5. Make Some Chili

I know, I know. Another thing on the list that has everything to do with food. But that’s what winter is about! Hot and hearty food at dinner time. There are so many good chili recipes out there that are calling your name when it’s chilly outside. Many of them can be cooked in an Instant Pot or a slow cooker, making it a super-easy meal with lots of leftovers. Fun fact: Chili is even yummier the next day!

6. Read a Book

There’s something about warming up next to a fire and cracking open a good book that just gets to me in the very best way. After dinner in the evening time, it’s such a wonderful way to unwind and relax. Visit your local bookstore or library to stock up on some great reads for winter!

7. Decorate for Winter

Enjoying the holidays doesn’t have to mean Christmas trees and Santa. It can also be snowflake statues, snowmen, and twinkly lights. I love decorating for the winter season and it makes the atmosphere in my home even cozier. A great way for kids to decorate is to put up some vinyl stickers of snowflakes and such on windows. So easy to peel off when you are done, and it’s so fun too!

8. Have a Movie Night

Yes, you can totally do this even when it’s not winter. However, it’s even more appealing when it’s cold. Wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and surrounded by your friends or family, find a good feel-good holiday movie and mellow out.

9. Host a Game Night

If you aren’t into the movie idea and would rather engage with a group of people, have your friends over for a potluck game night. It’s a great way to bond and eat while the snow falls softly outside.

10. Go Outside

Alright, alright. I know this may make the anti-Winter posse cringe. However, bundled up in your favorite soft scarf and heavy winter jacket, it’s actually really nice to go outside in to the cold and crisp air to briefly enjoy the season of snow. Take a walk in your neighborhood, and go check out the holiday lights! It’s a great way to get a little exercise in whilst enjoying the sights.