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10 Muslim Projects to Give Zakat and Sadaqah to

Ramadan is the month of fasting, worshiping, and giving sadaqah and zakat. One of the pillars of Islam, Muslims are obligated to give zakat during Ramadan. Every year, our community comes together to donate to Muslim projects and organizations that support underprivileged Muslims within the United States or across the world.

And as our community expands and as we witness more reverts trying to learn Islam on their own, we’ve compiled for you 10 Muslim projects that you can give your charity to.

1. Muslim Advocates

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Muslim Advocates

On a mission to “halt bigotry in its tracks,” Muslim Advocates represents the Muslim community in courts and political theaters so that American Muslims are free from discrimination and hatred.

2. Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC)

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Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC)

Focusing on educating on racial equity and putting an end to internalized racism, intra-Muslim racism, and institutional racism, Muslim ARC amplifies the voices of the Muslim minorities against White Supremacy, from Black Muslims to Latino Muslims and refugee Muslims.

It also addresses social disparities in relation to urban development, immigrant rights, and access to education, amongst others!

3. Believers Bail Out (BBO)

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Believers Bail Out (BBO)

A community-led organization, BBO is a force of good made by Muslims for Muslims. BBO’s mission is to bail fellow Muslim brothers and sisters out of pretrial incarceration, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention.

4. American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF)

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American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF)

An award-winning national community foundation, AMCF ensures it uses the donations to help as many Muslims as possible from different walks of life.

From donor-advised funds, giving circles, distributing grants, partnering on fiscal sponsorships, building endowments, and creating initiatives for social basic needs, racial justice and health equity, AMCF enables Muslims to diversify their charity destinations within a few clicks.

5. Zakat Foundation of America

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Zakat Foundation of America

With its mission to “not merely to aid — but to enrich — the poor,” Zakat Foundation of America makes sure that Muslims’ donations are used to not only feed the poor but also enable them to have a sustainable source of income by showing them the way to make a profit from their marketplace.

6. Islamic Relief USA

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Islamic Relief USA

With a vision for a world free from poverty, Islamic Relief USA works painstakingly to provide relief for those in dire need from across the globe. It also elevates the voices of communities and individuals who have been silenced so that they can be recognized and acknowledged.

7. Global Deaf Muslim USA (GDM USA)

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Global Deaf Muslim USA (GDM USA)

Established by Deaf Muslim graduates to sound off the rights of Deaf Muslims across the world, GDM USA enables differently-abled Muslims to have access to the Islamic education that they wouldn’t have had otherwise, given the scarcity of resources for differently-abled Muslims.

8. MPower Change

MPower Change

The largest Muslim digital advocacy organization in the United States, MPower Change is a haven for over 250 thousand members. The organization focuses on dismantling all forms of discrimination and bigotry against Muslims and prepares Muslims from all walks of life to become the future leaders who will stand in the face of Islamophobia and White Supremacy.

9. Muslim Aid USA (MAUSA)

Muslim Aid USA (MAUSA)

A faith-based charity that sends relief to victims of natural disasters or conflicts on an international level, MAUSA supports Muslims in dire need whether it’s hunger, disease, illiteracy, discrimination, homelessness, debt, unemployment, injustice, or lack of skills.

10. Muslims For Just Futures (MJF)

Muslims For Just Futures (MJF)

Committed to focusing on centering working-class communities and women in the DMV, MJF empowers the Muslim community in the region by fighting the Islamophobic bigotry toward Muslims and dismantling White Supremacy. It also provides base-building in the region.

Why Donate to Muslim Projects

Giving charity — whether it’s through zakat or sadaqah — during the holy month of Ramadan is a means of getting closer to Allah (SWT). And it’s heartbreaking to see countless numbers of Muslims waiting for Ramadan every year just to get any sort of relief.

Make sure you donate to Muslim projects not just in Ramadan, but all year round. And who knows, your donation could save the life of a Muslim brother or sister.