10 Muslim-Owned Businesses to Help You Get Your Eid Glam On

As Eid approaches, we are each faced with a set of mixed emotions. We are ready to enjoy a day of celebration, commemorating our 30 day dedication to our faith and our personal improvement, and for this, we are excited. But with Eid comes the end of Ramadan, a month of family and reflection, a month of happiness and sometimes, nostalgia. With every year, with every Eid, we leave behind a culmination of our annual hardships and happy moments. It’s a bittersweet day, but it’s always one worth remembering.

Every year, the girls in my family make a big deal of finding the perfect outfit for our day of fun. It’s a way we bond, but also a way we to tangibly harness the importance of the holiday to our family and to each of us personally. The dresses we choose, no matter how simple or extravagant, are expressions of our individuality and the growth, both our year and Ramadan, have allowed.

However, I’ve often found it hard to find the perfect dress, as cliche as that sounds. I sometimes struggle to find a dress as notable as the occasion. After years of shopping, I’ve found a few online stores that ensure my annual success and satisfaction, and below, I have listed the top 10. If you’ve left your Eid shopping to the last possible minute, or if you’re looking to bookmark some online boutiques for next Eid, this is the space for you:

1. Aab Collection

Aab is an online store that ships worldwide. Their website is well-organized and offers many options for both the new and experienced shopper. This year, they have a Ramadan collection with a series of chic and diverse pieces. Their website is incredibly forthcoming about the details of each piece, the fabrics used are explicitly stated, and any care recommendations are also highlighted, leaving no room for surprises. Aab provides an easy and accessible method of purchasing the perfect outfit, and allows for a comfortable shopping experience.

2. Inayah

Inayah is a brand that caters not only to the fashion needs of Muslim girls around the world, but the emotional needs as well. The site hosts a blog where fashion tips and general advice can be found, and the Muslim girl community can engage with other shoppers and the brand owners themselves. Additionally, Inayah boasts a wide variety of modest fashion pieces ranging from long t-shirts and more dressy options for special occasions such as Eid. Much like the other shops listed in this article, Inayah takes great pride in providing the best service possible for anxious Eid shoppers, and has taken the liberty of creating a collection of incredible pieces to mark the holiday.

3. Mirage by Numra

Mirage by Numra, as stated on their website, is a brand dedicated to its customers. The pieces offered by this online shop are luxurious in nature and provide the perfect modest fit and style for any special event or occasion. Mirage additionally provides worldwide shipping, and for those residing in the United Kingdom, shipping is free for purchases over £80. This shop also offers the convenience of a carefully arranged Eid collection in addition to providing accessories (hijabs etc.) to complete the fit. Customers online have been largely satisfied with the products, often even finding them to exceed expectations.

4. Veiled Collection 

Family-owned and based in New York, Veiled Collection offers all the quality and comfort necessary to find the perfect outfit, not just for Eid, but for any occasion. The brand/shop, was founded by Nora, a hijabi disenchanted by the modest fashion world, along with her husband in 2016. Since then, Veiled Collection has grown tremendously, now offering a variety of abayas, dresses, and everyday wear. Their social media following is a large one, with over 71,000 followers, all anxious to get their hands on the latest piece this shop has to offer. Veiled Collection is highly rated by the blogging community and is sure to satisfy.

5. Louella

Ibtihaj Muhammad, world-renowned Olympic fencer and ground-breaking Muslim woman, founded Louella as a project to enhance the quality of the Muslim fashion world. Her pieces are incredibly well-designed and varied. The shop offers both evening and day wear, making it perfect for finding exactly the right outfit for your individual Eid needs. Louella offers excellent quality and customer experience, living up to the expectations of its founder in changing the modest fashion industry for the better.

6. Jennah Boutique 

This France-based shop offers not only an incredible line of modest wear, but worldwide shipping that takes less than 8 days and is free for orders over a hundred Euros. Jennah Boutique provides a variety of abayas, outerwear, hijabs, and hijab accessories. The prices are acceptable and the pieces live up to their expected quality. The site is easy to navigate and makes for a comfortable, hassle-free, buying experience. Any shopper is likely to find exactly what they need for their Eid endeavors!

7. Muskaan Collection

Muskaan Collection specializes in affordable and beautiful hijabs, of which it has an impressive variety. This shop embraces quality and ensures all fabrics and styles are up to a high standard. In addition to their scarves, they do offer a limited selection of abayas and maxi dresses, which exhibit a similar level of quality as Muskaan Collection’s hijabs. While the website is simplistic, it is easy to operate and allows for an easy location of an outfit’s finishing touch.

8. Samsoukka Shop 

This is another France-based shop that caters to both its home demographic, as well as an international shopper base. Samsoukka specializes in street wear, offering a variety of casual abayas and loose fitting pants. The customer is ensured maximum satisfaction through a detailed description of each product and its sizing. Most of the shop’s pieces are affordable, allowing for a fashionable Eid experience that won’t simultaneously break the bank.

9. Modanisa

Modanisa is one of the most popular modest fashion online stores for a reason: it provides incredible quality and variety for a great price. The selection of abayas, dresses, tops, and accessories is remarkable and leaves lots of room for personal expression. As a special treat this year, the online shop is having a store-wide half-off Eid sale. Additionally, Modanisa has taken the liberty of drafting well-known Muslim fashion influencers as stylists and models for various looks, making the perfect outfit all the more accessible. So if you want to dress like Dina Tokio or Noha Hamid this Eid (for a reasonable price), Modanisa is the shop for you.

10. Annah Hariri

Annah Hariri provides an exceptional customer experience with an easily accessible website and a selection of vibrant dresses and abayas. The brand reaches out to buyers through its blog, where articles on healthy habits and fashion tips can be found. The overall vibe of the shop is happy and comforting, which makes finding an Eid outfit less about the stress of perfection, and more about the enjoyment of indulgence.