10 Muslim-Led Campaigns and Organizations to Support in the New Year

Following the indulgence that comes part and parcel with the trifecta of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, not only do we get to indulge in the soul-soothing tone of #GivingTuesday, but also the rapidly approaching New Year — the perfect time to commit ourselves to giving!

While “Giving Tuesday” is pegged as a “global generosity movement,” THE day dedicated to empowering organizations who dedicate their efforts and resources to helping communities and doing good, the New Year presents the perfect opportunity to focus on a resolution to give to those who need our support. Whether this means volunteering your time or dedicating your resources, financial or otherwise, to a worthy cause, the New Year is truly the perfect opportunity to get involved with the right organizations.

But where to begin? Well, the website dedicated to “Giving Tuesday” is an incredible source to help you identify where you might want to commence your journey of giving, even beyond the constraints of “Giving Tuesday”. On top of that, we’ve compiled a list right here of organizations that are doing honorable work and deserve any support you have to offer.

Happy giving, on “Giving Tuesday” or any other day!


Always at the forefront of using their platform to combat rampant Islamophobia and advocate for justice in all forms, a donation to CAIR is a no-brainer for Giving Tuesday.

2. The Family & Youth Institute 


Make an impact by supporting mental health and well-being! The Family & Youth Institute is a non-profit that reduces mental health stigma, provides inclusive resources, and researches issues impacting Muslim communities. From infographics that guide you when a loved one is suicidal, to providing resources to make your family aware of their racial biases, be a change maker and donate today.

3. American Muslim Health Professionals  

Founded in 2004, American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) is a national non-profit organization focused on professional development, health education centered around the unique needs of American-Muslims, and advocacy for minorities and underserved communities. Currently, AMHP is conducting Mental Health First Aid Certification Training across the country next year and plan to expand to more cities, so your donations would go a long way.

4. Bayan Islamic Graduate School

Knowledge is power, and so the Bayan Islamic Graduate School dedicates resources to educate American Muslim scholars and religious leaders, both male and female. What makes Bayan particularly unique is that they work in close connection with other theological schools, namely the Claremont School of Theology (CST), and the Academy for Jewish Religion, California (AJRCA). These partnerships enable each student to not only study their own religious traditions but also those of other great world religions from scholars of those faiths. To support this interfaith endeavor, you can donate here.

5. GirlForward

In midst of the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, GirlForward is a community dedicated to offering support and empowering girls who have been displaced by conflict. Currently located in two spaces — Chicago and Austin — GirlForward supports girls between grades 9 and 12 through three core programs: their mentorship program, their educational program, and their safe spaces program.

6. Human Concern International

Widely named the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, Yemen has tragically fallen under the world’s radar in every way imaginable. So, Canada’s first Muslim-led charitable organization is raising funds to alleviate the suffering in Yemen by helping to meet basic needs. Their objectives are to help provide food, clothing, and medicine to our Yemeni brothers and sisters at risk of starvation. You can donate here.

7. Basmat Amal Center for Children with Disabilities and Autism

The Basmat Amal Center for Children aims to offer children with disabilities within the Gaza Strip the support they need to integrate into society so they can lead empowered lives.

In partnership with PennyAppeal, Rahaf Khatib intends to run the 2020 Run Palestine Marathon. Her $10,000 goal is part of an initiative to provide displaced Palestinian women with the resources required to grow vegetables on their rooftop gardens and support themselves and their families. Donate here to help refugees rebuild their livelihoods.

9. Services Welfare Trust

Services Welfare Trust is a registered welfare organization based in Pakistan. They provide much-needed free medical services to the local community of Islampura Jabbar. Donate here to help their campaign objective is to raise money to establish a free diagnostic laboratory.

10. Poligon Education Fund

Launched in 2017, Poligon Education Fund is a nationwide non-profit organization devoted to increasing Muslim American engagement and participation on Capitol Hill. Their Giving Tuesday campaign centers on funding a Congressional Advocacy 101 training in local communities on how to engage with their representatives. Donate here.

Whilst the bulk of these campaigns support communities far away, you can also pitch in within your own community. With GivingTuesday.org’s handy search guide, you can easily locate participating non-profits, schools, small businesses, or foundations who are seeking engagement for #GivingTuesday. Check here, or here.