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10 Muslim Girl Readers Tell Us How They Celebrate Eid

Eid is one of our favorite times of the year, and I am sure no one wants the celebrations to end. Still unable to get over our Eid vibes for this year, we’re sharing 10 responses from our Muslim Girl readers on how they celebrate their Eid!

In case you don’t know, we react to the responses we get from our beautiful sisters and brothers. Sometimes we try funny reactions to draw smiles on your faces, other times, we just share our beautiful wishes. In all, everything is always as spontaneous as your answers, because we believe this is our space to develop a meaningful connection with all of you.

Alright, let’s get started!

Masjid in the morning, family’s house in the afternoon, and at home with fam at night.


That’s beautiful masha’Allah! We hope you’ll always be blessed with your beautiful community and surrounded by your loved ones.

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Eid Prayer, cemetery, grab boba, nap, and Eid dinner.


Visiting those who departed us is a meaningful way to celebrate Eid. That being said, I’m genuinely wondering what Eid dinner is. Am I missing out on something? (Looks at my oriental desserts.) “Turns out there’s a whole Eid dinner, and I am here stuck with you, my guilty pleasure.”

Also, why do I always have to find someone who makes me feel like I am living under a rock? I started to see the pattern!

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By taking eidi from everyone. 😆

–@munazzaalam27 via Instagram

Says the queen of Team #WeAreNeverTooOldForAnEidi! We all know that this eidi doesn’t last for so long, though.

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Of course.

–@frtnesrine via Instagram

Don’t mind us, we’ve just decided to have a commercial break, so we’re currently playing a little game where we give the wrong response. Again, don’t mind us!

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In the Caucasus, we celebrate 3 days. We cook a lot of food and many guests come — very good time. ♥

–@almzkdlin via Instagram

I was about to say I wanted to live in the Caucasus so that I would get a three-day Eid holiday. But then… I already get a three-day Eid holiday in Egypt! (And yes, Muslim Girl has made it to the Pyramids.)

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My first year celebrating as a revert, so I just look forward to making traditions Insha’Allah!

–@lily_glee via Instagram

Masha’Allah! May Allah make your next Eids better and better Insha’Allah. A good tip is to go to community spaces and make new friendships! You’ll find everyone so welcoming Insha’Allah.

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Go out.

–@imane.belkhen via Instagram

Same sis, same. I don’t think I can sum up my Eid holiday so far in anything other than going out. BUT, it’s definitely a blessing to go out!

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My family eats a big family breakfast, and then we go to an amusement park!

–@mahdia_ahmed22 via Instagram

Masha’Allah!! I love this!! Also, I wanted to go to an amusement park on my first day of Eid and my family said I was supposedly too old for it. So if you can do me a favor, I would appreciate it if you convince them on my behalf. Thank you in advance!

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Masjid hop to see folks looking good all over the city, and photo bombing errrbody everywhere! Lolz.

–@lish2x via Instagram

Reading this has literally given me some vibes from our Muslim Girl founder Amani! The girl was literally feeding all of us with Eid content on her Instagram profile (@amani), and we were so here for it!

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We don’t do anything tbh, just change into clothes and change out of ’em. 🙁

–@dureshahwartariq via Instagram

Yo! This is actually cool! All you want to do is spice up things a little; you can put on some makeup and have some cool photo sesh and explore new poses! Trust me, it will be such a confidence booster.

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This holy holiday is indeed a huge blessing for Muslims worldwide, and we couldn’t be happier to see how our Muslim communities celebrate Eid.

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