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10 Muslim Fashion Bloggers You Need to Be Following

If you’re looking for some fierce fashion inspiration, look no further! These Muslim fashionistas serve up all the best looks and are #MuslimGirlFire. They all have varying style aesthetics. From boho chic to unique and quirky, there’s inspiration for everyone.


1. Hana Tajima

@hntaj / Instagram
@hntaj / Instagram

As a fashion designer, Hana has her own unique and prominent style — with outfits that give off some vintage chic vibes, yet appear effortless.

2. Summer Albarcha

@summeralbarcha / Instagram

The perfect combination of youth and the city-girl edge come to life in Summer’s style. She always plays with the layering different fabrics and keeps her outfits elegant and fun.

3. Johar

@j.celandine / Instagram

Whether it’s a soft feminine look one day — or a badass tomboy look the other, Johar always has something different up her sleeve when it’s comes to being unique.

4. Feeya Goodson

@feeeeya / Instagram

Feeya has the ability to rock a variety of different looks and her style is often experimenting with new trends, colors, or patterns. It’s all about not shying away from taking a fashion risk.

5. Dina Tokio

@dinatokio / Instagram

Her style is comfortable, yet fashionably chic and reminiscent of the girl next door — showing that being fashionable doesn’t mean having to compromise your comfort.

6. Sobia Masood

@sobi1canobi / Instagram

Muslim Girl’s very own fashion blogger Sobia has a fun and girlish charm to her style — while appearing professional as well. She has figured out the balance in between the two and knows exactly how to blend in and play with new styles.

7. Leena

@withloveleena / Instagram

With a focus on soft, feminine, and elegant style, Leena’s style stands out in its own way, with plenty of gorgeous skirts and dresses galore.

8. Annie Swift

@annieswift / Instagram

Vibrant and bold, Annie’s outfits are always on point. Her personality always shines through her outfits and you’ll always find a fresh style point of view.

9. Ascia AKF

@ascia_akf / Instagram

Ascia’s outfits and style are perfect for everyday inspiration. And she keeps switching it up — so it’s always something new or interesting on her feed. She experiments with pastels and a wide array of colors in her outfits, too.

10. Yazthespaz

@yazthespaz89 / Instagram

Yasemin has a mix of styles — she can dress it up for events going from a comfortable casual look to a stylish and elegant style.

All these fashionistas have a unique sense of style and will offer all the style inspiration you’ll ever need to find your own look and express yourself through your outfits.