‘Tis the season for our Muslim gals to enjoy fun in the sun! What’s your favorite thing to do when the sun’s out? Do you like trying out new refreshing summer mocktails to quench your thirst? Do you like embarking on a whole new journey outdoors (i.e: camping, fishing, traveling)?

Whatever it is, there is one thing most gals like to do during the summer and that’s hitting the pool! There’s nothing better than dipping your toes into the cooling water, swimming some laps to get that cardio in, and just having fun with friends and family this summer.

If swimming in style is on your to-do list, we’ve got some great options for you to try out according to your preferred designs, aesthetics, cuts, and overall look! Whether it’s sleek and minimal or vibrant summery colors you’re looking for in a swimsuit, we’ve got you covered this summer!

LYRA Swimwear

If you’re a fan of the finest fabrics and outstanding workmanship in swimwear, try out these top-tier quality modest swimsuits! 

LYRA is where minimalism meets futuristic design. Looking like a woman straight out of a power suit; the solid structure, waist-hugging feature, and simple choice of colors will leave you looking confident and bold this summer. 

Twitter, @lyraswim

LANUUK Swimwear

This swimwear line screams frills and drapes! If you’re the type to flaunt the frills of your clothes to boost your confidence, this is the outfit for you. 

Giving you a hint of femininity by infusing styles like a peplum dress and tiered petal detailing like that of a tulip, there’s nothing better than dressing up the elegant way this summer.

Website, LANUUK


So you’re not the type to wear waist-hugging and figure-wrapping swimsuits. Hold on, we got the goods just for you. Who says modest swimwear has to flaunt your beautiful body to make it look good? You can still wear loose-fitting swimsuits comfortable enough for you to enjoy your summer. 

Modanisa features an array of loose-fitting burkinis with a myriad variety of designs for you to choose from. From plain colors to geometric and abstract designs…the list is endless!

Website, Modanisa

Lakuna Swim

Looking for that sweatshirt vibe where you can lounge and swim at the same time? Lakuna Swim checks all of those boxes! 

Get comfortable with their fun and vibrant swimsuits today at Lakuna Swim! Who knew pockets would be a necessity and a sense of style? 

Instagram, @lakunaswim

Madamme BK

If you’re looking for something posh and chic, MADAMME BK is the way to go! MADAMME BK modest swimwear is known for its “haute couture coverage” promoting and advocating body positivity, women empowerment, and confidence.

Who doesn’t love a brand that screams girl power? Grab your swimsuit today and shine like a diamond.



Sabina, the founder of SHELLINE is a visionary when it comes to designing revolutionary swimsuits on the market. With 10 years of experience and seniority in the fashion industry, she’s not afraid to create fashionable offerings for Muslim women to swim in.

“I would also like to note that our body and health is a gift from the Almighty, the amanat (entrusted to keeping), we are obligated to treat the gifts bestowed by the Creator and protect them in the best way,” Sabina said.

Website, Shelline

Hadia Ghaleb

With neon colors and tie-dye designs, Hadia Ghaleb’s swimwear line is for the bright and bold! Do you think you have what it takes to strut your way down the beach confidently in these vibrant swimsuits?

You’ll catch a few glances, but that’s just ‘cause you look good in this swimsuit, girl. Browse through the catalog today and start shopping!

Instagram, @hadiaghaleb

Under Cover Waterwear

If you’re looking for a wide array of patterns to choose from, Under Cover Waterwear is where it’s at. From tropical, patchwork, stripes, and medallion designs, there’s something for everyone, no matter your tastes.

Take a look at what’s good today at Under Cover Waterwear and begin your summer with style!

Pinterest, Under Cover Waterwear

AAB Collection

The entire collection encapsulates minimalism from head to toe. If you’re looking for a minimal and effortless-looking swimsuit, AAB Collection is definitely worth browsing through. 

Guess what? They even have kimonos for you to lounge comfortably if you need the extra layer to cover up.

Website, AAB Collection

Pretty Sassy Lady

Inspired by the high street, surf style, pop culture, social media and the like, Pretty Sassy Lady believes in making the perfect swimsuit for all Muslim women out there. Instead of ‘burkinis’, they call their professionally crafted swimwear ‘co-ords’.

Leveraging on the core value of their brand; sustainability, slow fashion, simplicity, and inclusivity, could you ask for a better swimsuit than this?

Website, Pretty Sassy Lady

Which is your favorite from this list? If you found the right one for you, get ready to catch some rays for the remainder of summer! Don’t forget your sunscreen and have some fun in the sun, ladies!