10 Memes to Help You Survive Holiday Travel

As the holiday season approaches, it comes along with its baggage of tough travels (pun intended). Just thinking about how hectic airports get around this time of year is exhausting to say the least. Checking in, TSA, long lines, rude people, baggage claim, and delayed flights are every flyer’s worst nightmare.

While everyone’s ultimate goal is to make it to their gate without any delays, the same can’t be said for the flight itself. But everyone forgets that flying isn’t the only means of traveling. There’s always the underrated and unappreciated — drum roll, please — road trip, where you can have the pleasure of being stuck in a moving vehicle for at least 10 hours because your brother has to stop for the bathroom after every other Capri Sun. Or you could avoid it all, and walk.

Keep scrolling for some memes to keep you entertained as TSA tells the person in front of you to take their shoes off for the fourth time:

1. An essential key to surviving during your flight.


2. For those taking road trips, I’m sorry, but personal space does not exist during this form of travel.


3. Just focus on how cute babies are.


4. Don’t expect anything less.


5. A successful tactic to annoy everyone in the car.


6. This may be the real reason why everyone is frustrated at the airport.


7. There is a high possibility of you getting sick on your flight. Just accept it.


8. A form of entertainment on long road trips that only your inner child can relate to.


9. Does the concept of comfort even exist while traveling?


10. Don’t forget your makeup wipes.