10 Comics That Will Make Your Day

So, it’s happened. After making the most of a weekend that has flown by, Sunday is upon us, which means one thing: We have T-minus 24 hours until the work week begins. Sigh. We all know that feeling. The dreaded Monday blues. The opposite of a weekend. Back to another week of hustling away, being badasses on the grind, and rapid consumption of coffee to keep away to keep away those yawns. So what better way to welcome the new week than by spending your Sunday laughing your worries away?

But laughter is more than just a way to delay the stress of work. Did you know that studies have actually proven that laughter is good for your health? No, really, there’s actual science behind that claim. Laughter has been shown to have a myriad of short-term AND long-term benefits! For example, in the short run, laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air and stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles. It also increases the endorphins released by your brain. Yay, team endorphins! Laughter has also been found to stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation. That means laughter is literally easing physical manifestations of stress! in the long-term, laughter can tackle the the chemical reactions triggered by negative thoughts. These chemical reactions can have an adverse effect on our bodies by bringing on more stress into our systems, thus decreasing immunity. And let’s be honest. If something as simple as laughter is good for your health, it’s worth seeking out.

And so, for those days where we know that even coffee isn’t enough, for those days when you know you need to get your week started on a high, here are some comics for some unabashed giggles from some seriously talented Muslim illustrators:

1. If You Don’t Feel This Way, We Can’t Be Friends:

2. I Could Use a Vacation, tbh: 

3. Lizzo Knows: 

4. For the Last Time, I’m FINE:

5. This Is Me, All Day, Every Day: 

6. Logic FTW:

7. If You Know, You Know: 

8. Sounds About Right: 

9. We All Know *That* Guy. Don’t Be *That* Guy:

10. A Little Motivation to End the Weekend: