10 Classic Styles for Eid We Love

Eid is here, and I have a message for those of you who are done debating whether the moon can still be seen, and are instead panicking about what to wear: girl, I’ve got you covered!

We all know how stressful picking out the right outfit can be, especially when there are so many different styles to go for. Let’s not forget the challenge of getting the styling juuuust right!

To help you out, here’s a list I’ve compiled with ten of my favourite looks from previous Eids that deserve a mention. Whether you’re after a look that brings you back to your roots, or makes you feel like a princess, there’s something for every single one of you ladies.

Have a look at the photos, check out the Instagrams of these styling goddesses for that spark of inspiration, and slay that killer outfit:

1. Kingdxna Glowing Like an Actual King

Is it just me, or do all of Dina’s photos look like she’s a living, breathing golden hour? If you’re after a dewy look to enhance that Ramadan glow on Eid, then this is perfect for you.

2. Maria Alia Giving Us Rustic Vibes

Aside from the fact that I desperately want to try out this turban style, the white and brown colours here give off an earthy tone, which compliments the end of Ramadan well.

3. Shahd Batal or Disney Princess?

I absolutely love this look. Flowy dresses always give off elegance and grace, which suits Shahd’s style and can suit yours too.

4. Noor Tagouri Slaying as Always

We all know Noor is the queen of fashion, so her Eid look here is absolutely one for the ‘gram. I mean, not everyone could pull off those trousers like she can, but you can certainly pull it off in your own unique way!

5. Shaista Deen Bringing It Back to Her Culture

This one is my personal favourite. Everything about this look feels so organic and personal. It’s definitely a classic Eid look for the books!

6. Ifrah Hashi Stunning Us in Pink

Not only does Ifrah look gorgeous, the vibrance that the pink dress gives her is heavenly. Monochrome is the way forward, ladies.

7. Nawal Sari Looking Chic And Unique

One thing I like about Nawal is that she creates her own trends and sticks to her own sense of style. Perhaps a book we could all take a leaf out from? What makes this look is definitely the sunglasses—a fashion staple.

8. Dina Tokio Bringing Icy Blue Back

Bringing back an old look, this is one of my favourites from Dina, perhaps because it gives me intense Narnia White Witch vibes?

9. Eman Idil in Head-to-Toe Pastel

In an outfit that Eman’s friends picked out for her, if you’re struggling with what to wear, why not do the same!

10. Mariah Idrissi Keeping It Simple

You can’t go wrong with black. If you’re not one for flashy looks, then try going simple this Eid! 

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