10 #BlackOutEid Looks that Have Us Shook

Eid-Al-Fitr has come and gone, and I hope all of you beautiful people had a wonderful and blessed Eid! With Eid comes celebrations, lots of food, and of course, the mandatory Eid picture; a chance for you to serve your fiercest looks. One of the things I love the most about Eid is that it’s a day where Muslims from all backgrounds embrace their cultural fashion wholeheartedly, proudly displaying their native styles and prints. It’s truly a moment that captures the beauty of diversity. And perhaps, one of my personal favourite occurrences that accompanies Eid yearly is the hashtag that has been used abundantly for the past few years without fail: #BlackOutEid.

#BlackOutEid was created around four years ago by Aamina Mohamed who is a producer and screenwriter. The inspiration for the hashtag stemmed from another popular, viral hashtag, #BlackOutDay, which emphasizes the need for sharing content that is created by Black people and highlighting other Black people from all backgrounds, in an attempt to ensure that their voices and talent are uncovered from the shadows. Aamina created the #BlackOutEid hashtag when she noticed that a large proportion of Eid celebration content shared online rarely featured Black Muslims, saying she “felt it was something that we were aching for. An international connection and celebration. But even if it was just 10 people from around the world sharing pictures, I’d be satisfied.”

As a Black woman myself, I think the hashtag is ingenious in the way that it allows Black Muslims to express their pride for their culture and religion.

Well, I am more than happy to say that it is most definitely more than 10 people worldwide who have embraced the hashtag! Ever since its inception, Black Muslims from all corners of the globe have used the hashtag on Eid, whether it’s in tweets, or in captions to accompany their fire ensembles. And what’s even more incredible is that the hashtag has even been received enthusiastically by Black non-Muslims alike, who use it as a method of projecting their support and love for their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. As a Black woman myself, I think the hashtag is ingenious in the way that it allows Black Muslims to express their pride for their culture and religion. Most of the times, the hashtag can be found in the captions of the aforementioned mandatory Eid pictures, and let me tell you, my people came to slay! Whether it’s a purely traditional fit, or something more modern, my fellow brothers and sisters are here to make a statement, and I assure you, they did not disappoint! So, without further ado, here are 10 of some of our favourite #BlackOutEid looks:

1. @itshamdaaaa

Courtesy: @itshamdaaaa

Pairing a lace blouse with a form-fitting, blood-red skirt, home girl came with the intention to slay, and slay she did!

2. @Dulio_22

Courtesy: @Dulio_22

Simple can go a long way, and that’s just what this ensemble does, with the red keffiyeh adding a splash of colour. However, I’m not going to lie, this little boy stole my heart with that adorable smile, and so I just couldn’t not include this picture in our list!

3. @makeupbydivadoll

Courtesy: @makeupbydivadoll

Everything about this look is so perfect, the entire outfit is to die for! This picture alone is enough to define the term “serving lewks.”

4. @trill_insomniac

Courtesy: @trill_insomniac

“All white, no privilege” (as stated in the caption).

5. @hafymo

Courtesy: @hafymo

The vibrant, eye-catching, colourful prints adorning this outfit make it an easy favourite.

6. @brownboklit

Courtesy: @brownboklit

What caught my attention the most about this fit other than its uniqueness, is that the entire look was actually handmade by @brownboklit! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m impressed!

7. @thisgirlfatuma

Courtesy: @thisgirlfatuma

Do I even need to mention how flawless this entire look is? Black girl magic front and centre, ladies and gentlemen.

8. @ali_guled

Courtesy: @ali_guled

You can never go wrong with a white dishdasha!

9. @missmaryam_

Courtesy: @missmaryam


10. @ll_coudjo

Courtesy: @ll_coudjo

This one is for the culture!