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I am a Rutgers Business School student with big dreams and a big heart. I'm your everyday average Muslim girl that enjoys writing, music, books, life, among other things. If you ever meet me I'm sure you'll realize that my huge voice, 'eccentric personality', love for chocolate, and beautiful hijab that I constantly flip back and forth will entice you to not run away, but run right into my arms--so I may cuddle you to death.

Gurl, You Need To Love Yo’ Self

As I sit in my room completely exhausted from finishing what must be one of the most grueling processes in the entire world, (i.e hosting an Arab gathering), I can’t help but notice a recurring …

How To Pick Up Hijabis

Ahh. You may be looking at this title and thinking, “NOURA, THAT’S HARAM, YOU HARAMI.” And my response to that is, “Actually… this mini-guide is meant for you, girl.̶…