Marwa Adina


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Marwa is a poet that studies Public Health at Rutgers University. Living the life-long struggle of balancing science with the arts, Marwa finds comfort in connecting with other people to share stories and tear apart the patriarchy. Connect with her through Facebook and follow her journey on Instagram @arabianroots Co-founder of Re-literate Word, a literary magazine for up-coming artists.

Poem: They Said God

Written by Dena Igusti and Marwa Adina. If I wrap my words around “God,” will they be protected? If I say god after every phrase, will they be preserved? Like I god LOVE god YOU god I god NEVER god LO…

Poem: How Many of You?

How many of you Are protesting Trump’s agenda But voted for him How many of you Will face God in church today But can’t look your Muslim neighbors in the eyes anymore How many of you Hold …

Poem: Uninsured Citizenship

To all my brothers and sisters Undocumented Green card holders Muslim Scared I, too, hold my breath in fear For I only got my U.S. Citizenship last year While they came for you first I know I am next …