Marwa Abdulhai
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Marwa is a freshman at MIT majoring in Computer Science. Experiencing firsthand the many prejudices placed against women in the United States, Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, Marwa has made it her personal mission to help end the struggles women face of a day to day basis. As co-founder of the NJ Indian Muslim Relief & Charities Chapter, she has committed herself to a life-long goal to aid the underprivileged. She takes every opportunity to immerse herself in the cultures of many and identifies herself as a citizen of the world.

Love Thy Neighbor This Eid

I come from a family lifestyle where I find myself moving to another country or state in the U.S. every three years or so – including India, Saudi Arabia, Seattle, Virginia, Dubai, and New Jersey. Alt…

It’s Not Just a Keffiyeh

For centuries, the Palestinian scarf, or keffiyeh in Arabic, has always been held as a sacred symbol of Palestinian culture and ethnic identity. The scarf stands as a reminder for all Palestinian citi…