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A recent convert raised in Europe and the United States, Emma (pseudonym) has recently finished an MA and is living, learning, and exploring in Palestine for the year. Hoping to make the most of her historically rich surroundings, she is pursuing opportunities as a writer and researcher while also focusing on learning more about Islam inshallah. Her interests range from Islamic history and politics to baking and soccer

Zubaidah bint Ja’far

By all accounts a woman of strong intellect and deep compassion, Zubaidah bint Ja’far (766- 831) used the enormous wealth and power derived from her position as the wife of the fifth Abbasid Caliph, H…

Ramadan in the Holy Land

Well — I can tell you one thing, it will be hot. Hot and long. The long summer days aside, the cities and villages of Palestine are busy preparing for the daytime fasting of Ramadan. Dates — in far gr…