A Letter to Bobby Jindal: Even the Most Insensitive Words Can’t Whiten Your Skin

  • Salman Khan

    Cutting piece, a great reminder. Maybe he will see it. Maybe he might think about it. Probably won’t do anything.

  • Mamata Das

    Good old identity politcs. How liberal! As if people need to learn how to be brown from you.

    Do read about the south Asians whose store was robbed and burnt in Ferguson.

  • Kim Schultz

    SUCH a wonderful article. Thank you.

  • Guest

    the fool want to be “brown englishmen” yo jindal this is an insult jus in case you think otherwise”
    what an idiot!
    we suggest that you read articles of
    or our favourite

    the late Baldev Singh
    SikhSpectrum.com Monthly Issue
    No.13, August 2003

    Dear Oprah: Rev. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi

    “The Bolshevik revolution of 1914 in Russia inspired worldwide nationalist movements against colonialism and dictatorships.
    To sabotage Indian national movement, the British colonists
    brought Gandhi to India. What the “myth makers” don’t tell is
    that the Indian National Congress Party, which was later
    controlled by Gandhi was set up under the patronage of the
    British Government and it was dominated by high caste Hindus, who constituted only 10-12% of the Indian population. Anybody who was considered a threat to the interest of the British or high caste Hindus was thrown out of the party. The high caste Hindus, who had control over the Indian economy, also wanted to usurp political power after the departure of the British.
    But there was one formidable obstacle in their path to achieve
    this objective. And that obstacle was the Muslim majority
    states of Punjab, Bengal, Sindh, Blouchistan and Northwest

    this is what US englishmen sell

    ex Indian diplomat K Gajendra Singh*

    Re: Muslims of Algerian origin massacre journalists in Paris for repeated insults to Prophet Mohammad and Islam

    “The coverage in Indian media, especially TV channels is absolutely incoherent, nauseating incompetent by journalist
    who are but pressitutes, pressigolos and Western and corporate media whores.
    Most Indian diplomats who were lined up to participate in these futile misleading and stupid debates have very little idea of Islam.””