“Four Women Wearing Hijab” Can’t Understand My Experience

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  • Jekyll

    Aside from the femenist spit that is used hold the article together, a very well written and open article

  • sheena

    I feel like the purpose of the video was to, in a way, normalize the hijab into American culture. While it may not have been executed in the best way possible, shining a positive light on hijab in general is never a bad thing. Yes I agree it did focus mainly on the hijab being a piece of fabric rather that what it truly is, but allowing people to see a non muslim American having a positive experience wearing the hijab may cause them to look further into its meaning. It may also normalize hijab in the eyes of someone who may hardly ever be exposed to it.

  • RJ

    I see nothing wrong with this video. It’s a great learning experience for people that have not really considered what it feels like to wear a hijab. Hijabis equally have a platform to voice how they feel.

  • Sara Jama

    No one said it was to normalize into American culture, but if it did it would be AWESOME and less stressful for hijabis like myself. After all, we all do have the right to wear or to follow what we chose to wear regardless of Western negative stereotypes of Muslims. Honestly, a piece of fabric that symbolic represents someone spiritually should truly not offended offended anyone because it is not being forced upon them unlike in Saudi Arabia, or Iran.

    I really wish ALL westerns will STOP thinking Muslim females are slaves to make authority. Which bullcrap and uncalled for. Ever Muslim women hijabi have their own identity which usually does not fit into Western’s perspective. Some are more likely to be, tomboys,feminist, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, feminist, average, athletic, bbw etc.

    Honestly, I do not see how a hijab “scarf” can be oppression and yet a mini-skirt or bikini is not seen as oppression, but a norm 0.o or did I read and heard that WRONG 0.o

    As a Muslim hijabi I am sick and completely drained 247 of Western stereotypes of me. Expecting me to be this person that they claim that all hijabies to be oppression or slaves to males. Likewise, If I was with a male he would be my male slave “lol”

    However, it was a very open minded experience of watching them wear a hijab. Which I enjoyed watching and learning from their perspectives of what it is like from a non-Muslim Western female perspective.