How I Feel About King Abdullah’s Death

  • Marwan Khatee

    Same feelings here. .These billionaires can do alot for humanity,but they don’t

  • Murida

    Thank you Muslim Girl for this sentiment about the terrible example which the Saudi regime has offered…. and thank you SOOO much for that wonderful video on Men’s Hijab. You are such a gifted bunch!

  • Tonestaple

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, but I fail to see why SA upsets you so much. Women live in SA the way your prophet intended them to: subject to and inferior to their men, the property of their fathers until they are handed over to the husbands who purchase them.

  • Abdul

    So much hate and racisam in your article

  • Saudi girl

    So Much hate.. Now u expect Saudia to save the world! Or did it create all that trouble…don’t judge… If us muslims started to throw stones at each others why do we blame the others

  • http://www.abuHaafidh.com Adib

    This is a bad article. Don’t be fooled by the many who choose to hate leaders, but they don’t do much about themselves. One can easily spread hatred about another brother openly. A brother may have used some money buying some enjoyable snacks to eat, not just to fill his tummy, but just for the fun of it. When he dies, we can go on and on about all his past mistakes about him not spending enough money for those in need. How would you know that this brother did not contribute a quarter of every salary if he kept quiet about it?

    King Abdullah may have made mistakes, but we do not know his intention. What if he was forced into doing something he didn’t want to? What if bravery was what he lacked, and he mourned about it in his death bed? Even if you’ve investigated about King Abdullah’s past sins so much, why spread it to everyone?

    Remember, ghibah is talking bad about your brother behind his back, but slander is lying about your brother.to defame him.

    • RJ

      He didn’t do anything to stop the thousands of human rights abuses that went on in his land. It is outrageous and unislamic when people do not condemn such corruption and a mockery of Islam.

      • http://www.abuHaafidh.com Adib

        My words still stand.

        • RJ

          Haha… and then when he has been told secretly about his human rights violations then what? I’m sure we both now countless amounts of human rights organisations that have written letters to the state/ royalty of Saudi Arabia. Honestly, then what? Do we sit back? Wait for a miracle to happen?
          No. We should campaign and make our voices heard as we realise that what Saudi royalty stand for is not Islamic at all. And in no way are they representative, democratic, qualified or sane rulers. And these people should also be held accountable in the dunya and punished for the thousands if not millions of human rights abuses.

          • http://www.abuHaafidh.com Adib

            Honestly, we follow the ways of the pious salaf-us-saalleh. How did they deal with their leaders who tortured and killed thousands of innocent lives? Ever heard of Hajjaaj? They did not revolt like how the citizens of Egypt did. They stayed patient and continued to seek knowledge, practice it and teach it.

            Leaders come from within the people. They aren’t brought down from the skies. The best way is to put your emotions to the side and be patient in teaching all the close people around you about the religion. We all do this together and the best of us will be recognized through piety and be chosen as leaders.

            If you want an islamic leader, then do it islamically. Revolting, and cursing the leaders is enough to go against the saheeh hadeeths of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم. You bring down a leader unislamically, and the worst of you will become your leader. Look at what happened to Egypt.

            Allaahu a’lam