“No” Wasn’t an Option

  • Jekyll

    Yeah Muslim girls and their wonderful relationship stories.

  • Musa

    Remember: There are always two sides to every story.

    Something tells me there is one here.

    I have a great Arab proverb to share with you:

    “Do not buy either the moon or the news, for in the end they will both come out.”

    The truth always comes out…..

    good luck, karima

  • Realitycheck

    Just a response to the comment below, 8 months late or whatever, it deserves to be said. Sometimes, particularly when one person abuses another, we suspend that rule for the “other side of the story”.

    Frankly, I don’t care to hear any other side of the story but this one. A man doesn’t deserve a space to even attempt to justify an action that horrid.

    I have absolutely no tolerance for violence against women. I would hope that when someone shares a story so painful online or offline, that we would all conduct ourselves with the same tolerance policy for abuse.